Kelly Slater Becomes Ke11y Slater In 3rd Round Of Rip Curl Search San Francisco

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We all kind of knew it was coming. Even before it was just a matter of winning just two more heats to nail the unprecedented 11th world surfing title. In an ever changing world there is a surfer that is constantly the best. There is a sport athlete that dominates his sport for almost as long as I can remember. And certainly longer that any other athlete in any other sport. There is a surfer that is constantly being replaced by hyped up next Kelly Slaters. And there is a surfer that sees these surfers come and go while he is winning events and world titles. His name is Kelly Slater and he has just won his ELEVENTH WORLD TITLE!

Right now the Rip Curl Search event is taking place in San Francisco, California. It is even before the last event, before the grand Pipeline finale on the North Shore of Oahu. Kelly came into this event with No.1 on his back and calculations said that if he won first two heats – meaning if he makes it to Round 4 even the second placed Owen Wright can not replace him in top spot no mater how good Kelly does in his other heats.

Kelly posted the highest score of the Round 1 to progress into Round 3 and a few moments ago he beat Daniel Ross in his Round 3 heat. Daniel was in the lead for the most of the heat but with a series of turns on a longer right Kelly nailed a 7 something score that he needed to take the lead, keep it till the end of the heat and to become a world surfing champion.


Now what? All I can say is if you are good enough to win a world title in 2011 you are also the top candidate for the 2012 win, no mater the age and other circumstances. But with this event and season not being over yet there will be plenty of time to think and ask Kelly about his next move. Until then – enjoy the rest of the tour. I know Kelly will :)!


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