Magma Wax

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Magma has been one of our favorite waxes for a while now. It’s hard to tellif they really have “the most advanced surf wax production facility on the planet” but MAGMA Surf Wax kicks ass for sure. What do they have to show for themselves?Five new patent-pending formulas (cold, cool, warm, and hot waters, as well as a long lasting base coat.), color coded bars, and new environmental packaging. What about the ever important smell? It’s banana coconut!

Magma WaxWhat else? Each wax bar is divided into three break-away pieces creating finger grips for a fast and even application.  MAGMA wax has a high-density fluid for fast build up, advanced anti-slicking properties, and various tactifiers for total deck traction.

Also, if you were ever left wondering what kind of wax are you holding in your hands (you know, that little left over chunks of wax with no ID :) ) – Magma Wax is marked with coded embers. Each bar of wax has them for quick and easy temperature identification and corresponding with the temperature of the wax. Purple embers for cold water, blue for cool, yellow for warm, and red for hot water. Only Magma base wax is a blank one.

The ECO side of Magma Wax – Magma Wax is sold in recycled and recyclable packaging. So, as we told you, we like it, very much. Their website.


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