Mick Fanning Dragon Gold Signature Brigade

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Just to refresh your memory. Since winning the world title Mick Fanning has extended his bottle opener signature sandal and his project blue sandal into Mick Fanning Champ sandal and Mick Fanning DHD World Title Surfboard range.What is missing here are a pair of nice looking goggle. So Dragon, his long time sponsor jumps in, and now you can get Mick Fanning Dragon Gold Signature Brigade.

Dragon and Mick Fanning go a long way back, he signed up with them when he was 15 and now it’s time for Dragon to celebrate Mick victory with Gold Signature Brigade. Gold symbolizes Mick Fanning’s 2007 ASP World Championship win and his beloved home on the Gold Coast.

Mick Fanning Dragon Gold Signature Brigade

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