New Ding Repair Kit

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Rudy’s Ding Repair Kit

There are several things a surfer hates when his surfboard gets a ding. First – you cant surf, since the board will suck up water and it’s all downhill from then on. You can’t surf for days when you wait for your shaper to fix it. With all respect to shapers, they are not very reliable people most of the time :)… “Hi, I’m calling about my board…” and “Uh sorry my friend, I had no time today your board will be fixed tomorrow…”. So someone thought it would be a good idea to fix the board yourself and voila you can get a surf ding repair kit in any surf shop. Most of the time the result is a sticky, messy, ugly lump on you board. You have to mix some sticky substances, chase the sun with your board so the resin can cure…and question yourself why the hell it doesn’t…

Now there is a new promising ding repair kit on the market called Rudy’s Ding Repair Kit. It’s named after South African big wave surfer Rudy Palmboom. He got the secret formula for the kit from some backpacker in the bush or something. What is so great about it? You do not need sun or any other external factor to cure it, it’s quick, clean and permanent. They say it’s so good people use it to fix snowboards, kiteboards, sailboards, canoes and bodyboards.

The ding repair kit  has a little bottle containing white powder. You pour the powder into the ding until its flush and then place a few drops of liquid from the other bottle to seal it. The ding repair sets instantly. Sand it a little and you are done and back in the water. It works on fiberglass, plastics, tufflite boards and epoxy coated polystyrene boards.

You can get it in South Africa (duh!), Australia and Europe. Not available in US so far, but you can get it from online surf shops. Go to for more info.


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