Oh Crap, Endless Bummer

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Endless Bummer

This must be the funniest surf film title ever. Endless Bummer. How will the film do, will it fill the big shoes of the title :) ? Well there is no teaser yet, the Lighthouse Entertainment just finalized the first casting for this upcoming teen comedy. Endless Bummer is supposed to begin in 2008 so hide everybody. Movie is already listed on IMDB so you can take a look who the actors are (Khan Chittenden, Joan Jett, Jane Leeves, Caitlin Wachs, Allison Scagliotti, Colton James, Ray Santiago, and Andy Fischer-Price). Although IMDB doesn’t say what the film is about I kind of managed to get a hold of the storyline from another top secret source.

Endless Bummer story:  “When a surfboard is stolen from a Ventura beach one sunny California day in the summer of 1984, its anguished owner takes to the road with his band of misfit friends and drives to the San Fernando Valley to confront the thief and recover his prized possession.”

Endless Bummer Blah Blah

Lighthouse’s Steven Siebert:  “This is a genuine story of a pivotal day for a group of young Ventura surfers in 1984. We are excited to be working with such a talented ensemble of young actors, each of whom brings a unique element to the real-life personalities they are portraying.”

And The Soundtrack?

Interesting – Kevin Lyman who founded the Vans Warped Tour music festival has his fingers mixed into the film so the soundtrack will feature cover songs of now-classic 80’s favorites done by bands playing on the Vans Warped Tour. Should be interesting.

Sneak Preview Of Endless Bummer

Not available, sorry! The first place to lay your eyes on the Endless Bummer will be a preview at next year’s Vans Warped Tour. Or you can watch a few of the Endless Bummer YouTube videos. So much for the original title, YouTube if filled with Endless Bummer clips, but what did I expect…something original? Enjoy (warning, watching all the videos below can subtract 30 minutes from your life)!

Bummer Johnny Bravo Style

Bummer Welsh Style (only cold water surfers can really appreciate the irony of Endless Bummer, or landlocked surfers)

Bummer East Coast Style I

Bummer East Coast Style II

Bummer East Coast Style III

OK, that’s enough.

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