Oneill Wetsuit Booties

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When the water gets to cold for just your wetsuit it is time to put on some wetsuit booties. One of the best wetsuit booties come from Oneill so we will take a loot at them. But first, what should you look for when you are buying wetsuit booties? If you need a comprehensive guide then we suggest you first read our wetsuit guide, most of the things about wetsuits and neoprene also apply to wetsuit booties. And second – read our wetsuit booties guide.

Oneill Wetsuit Booties

But if you are in a hurry, just some quick facts:

  • thickness and flex and stitching – just wearing booties is sometimes not enough, the must be thick like 5mm if you need them for really cold water. Flexible neoprene is better as it is better with wetsuits. Blindstitch and liquid taped stitches are the best, they won’t let cold water in your boots.
  • reef walkers or winter wetsuit booties? First are really thin (0,5 – 1mm), low cut, made for protection from rocks – not cold. Second are thick (2 – 7mm) and protect you from rocks as well as from the cold.
  • fit – they must be snug or they will fill up with water more and your feet will dance around in them. Keep in mind that they expand a little in the water, if you’re a 1/2 size go “down”. Look for wetsuits booties that have straps which help you tighten them.
  • wetsuit booties length – short booties can slip from under your wetsuit and get filled with water.
  • split toe – will prevent you feet from moving within the boot, we like it.

What about Oneill wetsuits booties? O Neill offers a few wetsuit booties models: Superfreak Booties, Freak Sneak Split Toe, Super Freak Split Toe, Heat Round Toe, Heat Split Toe, Ninja Bootie, Mutant Split Toe Bootie.

Most of Oneil Wetsuit Booties have ultraflex seam tape, fully taped for 100% seal, glued and blind-stitched seams, adjustable foot and ankle straps.

Where can you buy Oneill Wetsuit Booties?

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