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This time I’m not sticking to the equipment, there is a hot surf site that just got a face lift – Podsurf.tv. Podsurf.tv is the shit surfing podcast site from Australia that is growing so popular that is the second sport’s podcast site in the world behind the ESPN podcast.

Podsurf.tv has launched a new website featuring new channels for more people.Not only can you watch and download the world’s best surf video entertainment clips for free you can also watch and download the latest action clips from world leading podcasts such as Learn to surf, Music video clips, Yoga, Sports models, Snow, Skate and Wake and lots of other stuff.

Podsurf.tv was recently voted in the top 100 podcasts for 2006 by iTunes and now has had over 2 million downloads. Fathers of Podsurf.tv are Luke Crane and Tom Hiscocks. What do they have to say about it? “We saw these amazing devices (iPods) with fantastic potential but there was no good Global content for them. Now we provide the best surf podcasts in the world”.

After 12 months Podsurf.tv has more subscribers than any other Australian sports podcast and is ranked in the world’s top 100 podcast by subscription numbers in iTunes! And only media giant ESPN has more hits in the sporting genre of podcasting.


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