Quiksilver Roxy or what?

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People from Quiksilver, Inc. are developing a new women’s line under the Quiksilver brand. They are shooting it toward the 18 to 24-year-old women’s market. Timeless feminine perspective, creative approach etc. You will be able to get the first glimpse of the Fall 2008 collection in January. This all sounds great, but don’t they already have Roxy?

Quiksilver blah blah…

Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Quiksilver: “We are positioning the line at the better-best end of the juniors spectrum. The line, referred to simply as “Quiksilver,” will be sold in our own retail stores as well as specialty stores, better department stores and select surf shops in the Americas, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. We are confident that this will open new points of distribution and bring incremental business to the Company while augmenting, rather than competing with existing businesses.”

President of Quiksilver, Inc: “The collection will be designed for the edgy, independent young woman who’s creative approach to fashion appears effortless. The product will be linked to the Quiksilver young men’s brand but the overall feel will be very feminine, with an end result that is casual but chic.”

So this is another Roxy line or what, can someone clear this out :) ?

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