Reef Dram Sandal

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Reef seems to be moving slowly but firmly into the beverages industry. They started a while ago when they put a bottle opener on the bottom of the Mick Fanning Reef sandal. As far as I heard this is the most logical signature pro surfer sandal model to have the bottle opener at the bottom :). Now Reef took another step towards beverage industry domination with their Dram sandal.

Dram Sandal slash the bottle

Reef Dram sandal is a candidate for the shoe of the year award. Reef Dram Sandal is a comfortable sandal made by Reef that is know for comfortable sandals. Reef Dram Sandal comes in navy, brown and black&white color. And Reef Dram Sandal is in fact a small bottle. Among the features of the sandal you can read:

  • polyurethane encapsulated canteen in heel with screw cap
  • cap opens with included exclusive reef church key/ fin key

Drinking out of your shoe? I am not sure if this would appear cool or just yuck and what would be the taste of the “last reserve” liquid after the whole day at the beach. Anyway, who comes up with this stuff? Thumbs up!

Reef Dram Sandal

Who is Reef?

Reef was created by to surfers, brothers Fernando and Santiago Aguerre, from Argentina in 1980s to support their personal active lifestyle. The dream began when the brother’s lives began to become a part of the surf scene. They showed leadership early on in promoting surfing by hosting competitions and radio shows. Their immersion into surfing led them to open their own surf shop in Argentina in the 1970s. Eventually they moved from Argentina to the bustling beaches of La Jolla, California. This is where Reef began. They started with  $4000 and 3000 sandals. Reef flip flops quickly gained customers amongst surfers and beach goers and today Reef one of the world’s leading sandal / action sport / lifestyle / bottle companies.


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