Shark Shield

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The landlord, the man in the gray suit and the shark. It is not the actual danger, at least in most parts of the world, but the thought of encountering a shark while in the ocean. The get some protection and some peace of mind, Shark Shield released the first electronic shark deterrent system specifically designed for surfers. Does it work better than the Fang Shooey anti Shark Sticker?

What is Shark Shield?

Shark Shield is an electronic shark deterrent system for surfers. Shark Shield weights 355 grams and can be attached to the tail of the surfboard. The Shark Shield SURF generates an electrical field around the surfboard. This electrical field is detected by the shark through its sensory receptors that sharks have on their snouts. Once the sharks feels the field it gets very annoying. Electrical field causes muscular spasms and the sharks goes away.

Electrical field comes from the electrodes that are placed on the surfboards tail and trail off the back of the surfboard. The size of the electrical field around the surfer and the surfboard is up to eight meters in diameter. So you will still be able to see the shark coming.

Test had shown that the field causes discomfort to the shark, but once the shark leaves the area, there no consequences for the shark. Shark Shield technology is also used by others like sporting, diving and fishing professionals, the Australian and US police and military.

Shark Shield


The Shark Shield SURF includes deck grip (deck grip is optional), mounting plate and 240 volt charger. The rechargeable battery last for up to seven hours and can be also recharged in the car. You can also transfer Shark Shield between your surfboards. And the price? Shark Shield will go for aruond $696.


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