Shredda fin setup

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Is it a plane, is it a stealth plane, is it a jet fighter? No, its the new fin setup developed by Shredda. But jet fighter is the source of the idea. This new advanced steering system has been designed to bring the water-craft industry into the 21st Century. Shredda brings more speed and better performance for surfboards.

But performance is not everything, the goal with the new fin setup was also to make surfing safer for all surfers and stay focused on the environment. Lass waste and more friendly materials. The inventor of the Shredd fin setup is Don Smith – a Gold Coast plumber and a former Palm Beach surf shop owner. Don got the inspiration from the Jet fighters – the speed they travel at, and their sleek performance cutting through the air.

How does Shredda Work?

Shredda fin setup tries to eliminate the drag that surfboard fins produce and the solution is a fin system that could change the sport and bring surfing performance on a new level. The good news is also that it can be fitted to any old surfboard that has a removable fin system. Surfboard using the new system is also lighter. How does it work? Take a look at the picture!

Shredda - new fin setup








Don Smith on Shredda

Don Smith: “The v-shaped Shredda system replaced dangerous fins making surfboards safer, more stable and faster. I already knocked back $1 million for the idea, which I hope will also adapt for use on boats and other craft.”

An international patent has just been secured and the Shredda Advanced Steering System will soon be on the world market for less than $100.


  • daisy says:

    Great! More kooks in the water.

  • Kook says:

    Oh I see it makes a surfboard surf not like a surfboard. Somthing new, the best I see!
    Looks like somthing suited for wake boarders they like gimmicks . Their sport is a
    Gimmick . I have never surfed it but it looks to belong on the shelf next to the
    Hula hoop. Maybe gi joe could beat the bad guys riding this thing.

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