Somewhere in Chile – Rip Curl Search Pro

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The dust has not completely settled yet on the 2007 WCT Tour of Surfing, but there is already a new schedule for the coming season and the 2007 WCT Tour. As all the event venues are pretty much standard, the only real question is, or now we can say was – What is going to happen with Somewhere in Mexico event from Rip Curl Search Pro?

Somewhere in Chile – Rip Curl Search Pro

Rip Curl Search Pro 2006 poster The dust has not completely settled yet on the 2007 WCT Tour of Surfing, but there is already a new schedule for the coming season and the 2007 WCT Tour. As all the event venues are pretty much standard, the only real question is, or now we can say was – What is going to happen with Somewhere in Mexico event from Rip Curl Search Pro? There was much debate that the event should stay Somewhere in Mexico as the conditions they scored last year were sick, many of the tour veterans claimed they surfed their best waves there. Rip Curl has a provision that the ASP cannot hold another event in the secret location in Mexico until at least 2008 – will Rip Curl the return to Mexico? But as the point of the Rip Curl Search Pro is in The Search, we have a new place for the next Rip Curl Search Pro in 2007 –


The press releases confirmed that the Rip Curl Search Pro 2007 event will really take place Somewhere in Chile. The surfing world is mostly still focused on the 2006 season and the question what will Kelly Slater do. But the Rip Curl Search Pro Somewhere in Chile has crawled into the Foster’s Men WCT Schedule for the 2007. The event will take place Somewhere in Chile, the land known for its long long left pointbreaks. The waiting period for Somewhere in Chile is from June 20 to July 1 of 2007 and the purse for grabs is 280.000,00$.


Somewhere in Chile is kind of a logical step from last year. Another relatively unknown or I better say known but not much visited place, Chile is an amazing place to visit, whether you surf or not. Chances are, there will be waves of some kind somewhere, and chances are the waves will be pretty heavy and chances are that the wave will be a long long left. Surfing has been growing here since the ’70s starting around Ritoque but there is still plenty of unexplored places with possible high surf potential. No wonder with miles and miles of coastline all exposed to the Pacific ocean there is bound to be a place Somewhere in Chile to put the next Rip Curl Search Pro event.

So it looks like the pros should get ready and replace the warm waters of Mexico to the cold waters of Chile, their trunks to wetsuits and booties. The water in Chile is pretty cold everywhere all-year round, due to the cold Humbolt Current. Down south, water temperature in Chile hardly ever rises above 60F (16C), so thick wetsuits and booties are a must. Higher in the northern par of Chile, water temperature is a little more friendly, so you can get away with a shorty, but in the time of Some where in Chile Rip Curl Pro Search (June 20-July 1) Chile is in winter and water in north of Chile is in the mid sixties (around 18C).


So, where in Chile is Somewhere in Chile? For now we can only guess. Ok, lets guess :)


Pichilemu is something that Chile surfing is known for, so it might be the place for Somewhere in Chile event. Pichilemu is located far to the south so cold water and harsh conditions are waiting for a surfer that travels so far south. But south Pacific lows pushed by the cold Humboldt Current generate the most consistent swell on the planet! Surf being to big is more often than being flat. Then there is a deep water trench just of the coast of Chile (26.000ft, 8.000m deep) that gives speed and power to the waves. Winter is the time with biggest swells, mostly reaching up to 7 or 8 ft and then breaking over north facing shores to create a goofy footers heaven, with the usual south wind being offshore. Big tidal changes. Somewhere in Chile, somewhere in Pichilemu?

Iquique, Arica

Iquique is located towards the north of Chile, so the water is warmer but the swell consistency and wave power stay the same. You need a 4WD to explore the spots between Iquique and Arica, which are two cities both rich with waves. Average swell in winter is only a little lower than further south in Pichilemu, it can be up to 6 or 7 ft with better weather conditions than in the south. So maybe this sounds even better for Somewhere in Chile. Anyway, we will see.

You can check the whole Fosters Men WCT Schedule for 2007 below.


There are 11 events in the Fosters Men WCT Schedule for the year 2007 and the dates are the following:

  • Feb 27-Mar 11 Gold Coast,Qld-Australia Quiksilver Pro 280.000$
  • Apr 3-13 Bells Beach,Victoria-Australia Rip Curl Pro 280.000$
  • May 4-14 Teahupoo,Taiarapu-Tahiti Billabong Pro Teahupoo 280.000$
  • May 20-31 Tavarua/Namotu-Fiji Globe Pro Fiji 280.000$
  • June 20-July 1 Some where in Chile Rip Curl Pro Search 280.000$
  • July 11-22 Jeffreys Bay-South Africa Billabong Pro 280.000$
  • Sep 11-15 Trestles,California-USA Boost Mobile Pro of Surf presented by Hurley 280.000$
  • Sep 21-30 South West Coast-France Quiksilver Pro France 280.000$
  • Oct 1-14 Mundaka, Euskadi-Spain Billabong Pro 280.000$
  • Oct 30-Nov 7 Santa Catarina-Brazil Nova Schin Pro Brasil presented by Billabong 280.000$
  • Dec 8-20 Banzai Pipeline,Oahu-Hawaii Billabong Pipeline Masters 280.000$


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Foto: ASP images


Follow up – Somewhere in Chile – Arica, El Gringo – Arica, Rip Curl Search Pro is on the Way.


  • jake says:

    This should be interesting! It’s winter time in Chile in July, maybe northern Chile is more likely, but for a real Search ;D

  • Chile man says:

    Anyone been to Chile?

  • jake says:

    Damn, those are some nice photos from south of the border :o

  • bags says:

    Go south…go south… for the winter ;)

  • mildew says:

    Fuck ripcurl and there search and destroy tactics.

  • admin says:

    What about your own Search & Destroy tactics ;D

  • dingomatic says:

    Someone said it. Destroy the spot, the town… for who? For a few travelling surfers or for the local community. I am sure the do not mind the extra income.

  • VarelaProductions says:

    Chile is got some nice spots, no doubt about that, but perhaps the bigwigs at the ASP/Rip Curl should consider PERU for their next Somwhere in stop of the tour. It would be insane to see the world’s top surfers, taming the gnarly break of PICO ALTO.
    Check out some footage at or


  • bags says:

    Hey valera, nice footage. I think it is very unlikely Rip Curl would set the next Somewhere in Peru, right after Chile, but Peru would make another exciting designation.

  • admin says:

    [quote]Rip Curl has a provision that the ASP cannot hold another event in the secret location in Mexico until at least 2008 – will Rip Curl the return to Mexico[/quote] Mexico again next year ;D ? Rip Curl droped out as a Pipeline Master sponsor…

  • bingo says:

    Yeah, it is all a big multinational corporations conspiracy 8)

  • jake says:

    The point of Rip Curl The Search Pro is the Search, I think they did a great job last year, surf in Mexico was sick, now its time to move on. Surfing in Chile should be a really interesting, interesting designation for pros. Peru, maybe next year.

  • dioclau says:

    I heard that they might be cancelling it, since the Mexico’s Search ended up doing some damage to the comunity(ies) involved. It will be a shame if it keeps happening. I say, let’s surf but leave the partying for later times.
    Hang loose!!!!

  • jake says:

    Where did you hear that? The official ASP site doesnt say anything…

  • Huasco says:

    did you heard “la bestia” or “el buey” peruvian??.
    Go Chile gringos..mmm, maybe you scared.

  • andrew says:

    blah..theres nothing in it, so far it is going to be held in [url=]Arica, Chile[/url] and thats that ;D

  • chileno says:

    but there’s some pipeline in Antofagasta that is even better kept secret. FWIW Pichilemu rocks..

  • Jorge says:

    This beach is great for surfing.. you will see..

  • Olanavichskibergersteinhausen says:

    The amount of bad feeling ripcurl created after “La jolla” was immense. They fully managed to rip the townsfolk off. The villagers there saw very little back from having a major company use the spot for the comp. All of the surfers and crew stayed in a town around 30mins away, brought their own catering and partyed there. They came, got some off the best swell that was seen in a long time there, and locals and stopped guys who’ve been travelling to the spot for years surfing it during an all time swell and conditions. And after the exposure the crowd levels went through the roof, and mayhem broke out in the water, between travelling surfers, locals from the area, locals from up the road, expats. Straight away there was talk off developement and land grabs, as well as the military turning up for a visit. Politics in Mexico is kinda different to the rest of the world. I wouldn’t be surpised if some from of relocation program will be introduced in the not too distant future. Well done rip-tear.
    As for Chile, I was fearing for the worst. But true to their nature, they haven’t really “searched” very far. They probably just looked in the storm rider guide and saw what they wanted. And I’m sure the Arica tourist board are delighted. At least they are not going on about keeping the place a “secret”. The waves in this part of Chile are heavy, and the waters pretty ffing cold so, it may not have the impact of last years raping. But further south is a different kettle of fish, and is worth a look if you have the cajones…..

  • drake says:

    Nice Olana… I have to agree that the impact for the local surfers is never positive… uncovering their “secret” spot to the world >:( it sucks. But as far as the local comunity goes (surfers excepted) this is (was) their chance. I am not sure what they expected and what kind of deal they had with RC but the chance was and still is there. Its up to them if and how will they take it and what will they make of it. With so much publicity the surfers and the money starts flowing in now it is up to them to benefit from that. Most of the times it is visiting surfers that want the place to stay just the way it was. No crowds, rural, undeveloped and beautiful. And then the place is ruined for them and they bitch how it is destroyed and all but locals might want something else, progress, development, new roads, whatever. Again, I do not know what the deal with the local community was and what they want(ed) to get out of this but I hope you get my point.

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