Surfers Travel: From Europe to Asia, Where to Find the Best Ticket Prices?

This is the way to travel from one island to another. And yes - there is some karaoke on the plane.
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The only sane way to get from Europe to Asia is by plane. There are numerous airlines that fly between the two continents but if you are looking for a cheap plane tickets and top airplanes and if you are a surfer the options become limited. Why? Because even the best ticket deals can be ruined by the surfboard surcharge that gets just ridiculous.A special offer price that then jumps up 200 or 300 euros just because you want to bring your surfboard becomes sour quickly and you are back to skyscanner or momondo or whatever search engine you use to look for airplane tickets. That is if you are lucky to remember and check the baggage policy in time. What is even worse is that some airlines change their surfboard policy whenever they feel like it. So you are sure your surfboard is free because it was free last time and you don’t even check the baggage limitations and when you arrive at the airport you are in for a costly surprise.

So in time I have stopped checking multiple airlines and I only check three. Three Arab airlines have consistently good prices and your surfboard travels with you for free since as long as I can remember:

Usually you fly to Doha or Dubai and then transfer to a plane for Asia. Depending on where in Asia you want to go, aim for one of these hubs: Jakarta (most common for surfers:) ), Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Singapur. From these you can find plenty of flights going to all the Asia’s nooks and crannies. For flying all over Asia check AirAsia, which is kind of like a Asian version of RyanAir:). If you are feeling more adventurous and don’t mind airlines that can’t make it off the safety black list then a good search engine for finding flights over Asia is They will also solve your “your credit card rejected” problems, as some airlines don’t accept foreign credit cards.

If you have any other tips or questions use the comments:)



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