Surfing magazine turns green

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Surfing Magazine Carbon Footprint

The paper will still be white more or less but Surfing magazine will try to eliminate their carbon footprint. What is a  carbon footprint? I already mentioned a surf shop from Great Britain that plants a tree for every surfboard they sell so you might want to read that and find out how many trees do you have to plant to eliminate your carbon footprint. In short carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide that you are responsible for releasing into the atmosphere every year. By driving your car, by heating your house, by flying a plane, by buying things that put CO2 in the air while they are being made (thats pretty much everything). So how do you get rid of this? You plant trees to absorb your CO2 or you get someone to plant them for you. This is what Surfing Magazine is doing.

“The first Green Issue focused on global warming and what that will mean for surfers,” says Evan Slater, Editor of Surfing Magazine. “This year, in addition to expanding our coverage of ocean-awareness-related issues, we wanted to make the magazine itself more accountable.”

Starting with the October Issue, Surfing Magazine will purchase carbon offsets to minimize the impact of their business. The Second Annual Green Issue, which hits newsstands and surf shops on August 21, 2007, will be the first one without a carbon footprint. Surfing mag will connect with and pay for mangrove reforestation projects in India. By calculating the CO2 emissions produced by the production, distribution and printing of the magazine, Surfing will be able to neutralize its carbon footprint through reforestation.

Surfing Magazine Annual Green Issue

The celebrated best-selling issue will feature coverage from the Third Annual International Surfing Day, a global event benefiting Surfrider Foundation. This year’s issue will focus on ocean water quality, an issue close to every surfer’s heart.

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