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Sutsu is the name of the new eco and environmentally friendly clothing brand from London UK. Oh no, not another you might say. Well, there is never enough people caring about the environment we say. But this is not the only thing that makes Sutsu special.

What we like is their fresh and individual approach. Most of the boardriding sports are individual sports. And so should be the clothes we wear. Sutsu takes this literally and if you buy their T-Shirt you can be sure that only 49 people on Earth will have the same T Shirt. That is kind of cool.


If you like Sutsu, you can check them out here.


  • james alias says:

    Great clobber from the UK, bought a couple of T-shirts a few weeks back and they rock, great graphics, fits really well and great fabric… plus i feel like i have done my Eco warrior bit too….

  • replica Audemars Piguet watches says:

    If you are not selling anything tangible, then it will be goodwill which is not permissible. A way out is to have some equipment, furniture, etc. in the practice which you can attach a price to (according to your wish) and then sell the practice.

  • Pete says:

    These guys have some cool stuff available. The king range looks pretty good and not too expensive as it comes with 20% OFF your first buy [url][/url]

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