TBone surfboard storage system

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If you like to hang your prized possessions over your head then the new ceiling mounted surfboard, snowboard, wakeboard, kiteboard, ski, kayak, mother in law storage system is the way to go. what’s new about it? Well, as fas as I understand, most of the surf racks were wall mounted so far. Now if you have a lot of top to bottom shelves, closets or just plain junk this could be a problem. Mike “Scooter” Gurley is the co-founder of the TBoneRacks and he explained what the new racks are all about: “Anyone with a ceiling, whether in a garage or apartment, can use TBoneRacks to store and display their ride. As long time surfers, we know how much space sporting equipment can take. We developed a way to organize the limited space people have to safely and effectively store a variety of rides in a sleek, innovative way.”
TBoneRacksSo if you are tired of leaning your surfboards against the wall behind your bedroom doors, visit tboneracks.com. Racks look exactly like this:
TBone surf storage racks


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