USB SurfDrive

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Now I do not want to do the whole USB stick news again, but there is also a Surf version of the Burton SnowDrive. And as USB flash drives have also crawled into surfers pockets, you can get an USB flash drive looks just like your surfboard. Really? Yeah, really!

USB SurfDrive

Cashing in on the popularity of X-treme sports and giving us just what we want. A USB flash drive that tells who we are. A bunch of surfers that just have to have even their USB flash drives shaped like surfboards. Storage manufacturer ACP-EP Memory now gives us a collection of USB flash drives designed like surfboards. The SurfDrive comes finished in one of the following models: Aloha, Classic, Blue, Black, Flying X, Pearl White etc. The drives range in size from 512Mb to 2GB with 2 year warranty and support USB 2.0 transfers on both Windows and Mac systems without the need for additional drivers. The boards also include an LED light indicating when the drive is in use so you don’t pull it out of the comp in before it finishes its work. Price for a SurfDrive? From $20-$50USD And you also get a kook cord, so if you wipe out when downloading and transferring your files, the USB surfdrive will stay attached to your foot.

USB 2.0 High Speed Interface (USB 1.1 Compatible)
True Plug-and-Play connection for hot swap function
No drivers required for Windows Me/2000/XP, Mac OS 9.0 or later (Windows 98/98SE Drivers)
LED indicates when drive is in use
Includes SurfDrive Leash
Physical Characteristics: 20.7mm (Width) x 4.9mm (Height) x 101.8mm (Length)
Backed by ACP-EP Memory’s Two (2) Year Warranty
Product brochure

Image courtesy ACP-EP

Now if you are a snowboarder, take a look at the Burton snowDrive.

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