Webber SLX – Super Lightweight Epoxy

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Greg Webber on Super Lightweight Epoxy: “The SLX construction allowed me to get what I have been looking for in a performance range of boards; firstly, they are really light weight yet the SLX core has a lot of structural integrity which gives them a great feel on the wave”.

SLX Surfboards are shaped from high density EPS core. First they are shaped by machine (to 98% of complete) and then the final 2% is finished by hand.

Greg Webber Explains SLX

2008 Webber range also features deep double concave in the majority of the models. What is the effect of the double concave on a surfboard?

Double Concave Surfboard

When we turn on a wave we use one rail at a time, so using full length doubles allows us to use one tighter concave at a time, which adds speed and grip. The depth is the same but it’s over half the width of a single, so the angle at the rail edge is much greater. The vee between these two barrels creates a kind of automatic clutch between turns, which gives a smoothness of transition that a single can’t get so easily. As a result it creates user friendly high performance.

What are the models in the SLX Webber range? 

SLX has 4 updated models; The Webber Shortboard, The Afterburner, The Fatburner and The Spoon.

If you want to know more, check GSI – Webber .


  • bags says:

    Slurp…all those boards in the background…just standing there…

  • pipe says:

    i recently bought a short board webber…and it has commed out to be nice, but i did find it has some weird black spots when a put it to the sun…is this normal?

  • Brandon Kistle says:

    I won’t look back at another flat bottomed board. I have landed so
    e heavy drops and have put this board through some serious abuse in and comingi g outthe air. The deep double concave is the way to go. Hang on tight for the fast experience and a all new experiamce with quick turns at high speeds and.. One more thing,, cut back into the white water and you will be able to do those snaps so easy in there. It’s unexplainable how wow the new ride is. Slx, deep double concave… 6’0″ I’m 510 160, this board is a dream. I have ridden many other shapes and sizes looking for this feel. I’m going to see if the spoon in a 510 is the same. Hopefully. Thanks webber.

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