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Published on December 13th, 2007 | by K


Wonderwall by Laird Hamilton

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We don’t really like Laird Hamiltons clothing style but if you do, thenyou will have a chance to wear his own clothes. Well, not literally :)Laird Hamilton will launch his own clothing line called Wanderwall.

Laird Hamilton teamed up with Steve & Barry’s and will start makinf surf and skate wear for men. Fist chance to put on something from Wanderwall will be in Spring 2008. Wandewall line will include 200 different items like t-shirts, board shorts, woven shirts, cargo shorts, accessories and more.

Wonderwall will be sold only at all Steve & Barry’s mall locations. And check this – every item will be priced priced at $14.98 or less. The affordable price comes from Lairds memory of his hard childhood when was raised in a single parent household by his mother.

Wanderwall Blah Blah

Barry Prevor (Steve & Barry’s co-CEO): "Laird is an icon for the millions of young men who live the extreme lifestyle today, and we’re very excited to enter the category in a huge way together with such a legend."

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3 Responses to Wonderwall by Laird Hamilton

  1. Matt says:

    Laird is a legend :)

  2. kat says:

    …and should stick to what he is good at :P

  3. S jones lorton,VA says:

    I agree with Matt. Laird is a legend!!! I have a few of his shirts and I love them. The prices at s&b are killer too. I expect to buy more great job Steve and Barry. >-)

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