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YouRiding Surfing Game

Youriding is a new surfing game that you can play online and of course it is free. It was released by french company IntellySurf, which is basicaly a bunch of friends that like surfing and bodyboarding. What sets this game apart from other online surfing games is…well obvious at the first look. It is a real game, not just pumping-your-surfer-on-a-blue-ribbon-up-and-down while-doing-inverted 720’s game. Hell – you can not only surf more spots than in Kelly Slaters Pro Surfer but  there is a possibility of an actualy competiton between all the online surfers. Surf sport in Youriding range from Shipstern Bluff and Kirra to Mundaka, Supertubos to Pipeline and the Wedge.

Youriding - your surfing living room

Youriding surf spots

The number of Youriding surf spots will keep you busy for quite a while, the list is long and it goes like this: Pipeline, Sunset, Jaws, Waimea Shorebreak, Trestles, Wedge, Sebastian Inlet, Puerto Escondido, Cabo Blanco, El Gringo, Imbituba, Teahupoo, Thurso East, Fistral Beach, Lacanau, La Nord, Mundaka, Supertubos, Safi, El Fronton, Ponta Preta, Quakam, J-Bay, Saint Leu, Flowrider, Sultan’s, Nias, G-Land, Padang Padang, Cloud 9, Cloudbreak, Akabane Beach, Kirra, Shark Island, Shipstern Bluff, Bells Beach, The Box and North Point.

The number of spots would mean nothing if the spots wouldn’t look real – each wave in the game is created following its real floor and the top swell’s conditions so you can not surf every wave the same way. There is more. The game has some brain in it so every wave on the same spot is not completely the same. One is bigger one is smaller, one throws the lip sooner one later…

Youriding list of surf spots

Youriding Game Review

So you start in your living room that has a nice view right on the beach. There is a couch, TV, cold beer, your board, your trophies, newspaper on the desk and a map. A typical surfers room. By clicking on different items in the room you can choose what to do. If you are really bad at finding these items there is a menu at the top :)

LATEST NEWS: Here are the latest news from the IntellySurf guys – game updates and things like that.

MY SPACE: Here you can see and change you profile, you can enter some personal info and you can search for other people that are the same age, from the same country etc… You can check their profiles and ad them as friends. You can change your gear from surfboard to bodyboard and vice versa and you can see your best wave scores and competition scores.

RANKINGS: rankings give you the list of all surfers registered into the game based on how good they are. You can see your position in your profile in my space.

GO SURFING: Yeeeaah! But first thing to do is register and get your own rider. This way you can gather skill points while you surf and add them to your rider so you get better and better. You get skill points pretty quickly if you go free surfing. When you receive new skill points or any message for that matter the mobile phone at the bottom starts blinking. When you go free riding you just pick a spot from the map and you are in the water.

YOURIDING CONTEST: You can join all public contests or create your own contest. Choose a name, spot, number of surfers, maximum of waves and number of waves counted and wait – you have to wait until all the spots in the contest are filled.

Some Youriding surfing tips

– Change the control keys, they are made for a french keyboard that has different key placement
– Stay close to the curl, there is where the big points are
– Is the wave fast or slow? If its slow make lots od roller layback, if its fast make rollers and snaps
– If the tube is big you can make tricks in the tube
– Finish with an air or a floater
– Ride your wave all the way to the sand. That’s it.

Check this post for more general  Youriding Tips and Tricks or click here if you want specific wave by wave tips to play Youriding.

You can just surf your brains out on the spots you would otherwise never visit so stop wasting time and go surfing..umf at least over the web -> YOURIDING.


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