Billabong wetsuits 2007

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Billabong just threw all their fresh wetsuits for the 2007 on their website. If you are in the market for a new one, check them out. It’s summer on the Northern hemisphere but it’s nice to be ready.

Billabong Wetsuits


  • Shane says:

    Looking for information on a Billabong men’s fullsuit zipperless “AX2” any info? production year etc? looking at one new with tags on e-bay, please advise

  • joshua kidd says:

    I have a solution gold steamer sf 100,ive got some problems with the rubber seals that cover the stitching.It is really uncomfortable now!what can i do to save this what was awsome wetsuit?

  • Wtesuit man says:

    @joshua kidd: what kind of problems? If the liquid seal started to fall off you should use the warranty and return the wetsuit. If that’s not possible then – some of the wetsuit repair shops can do “miracles”, they use liquid seals to repair tears in your neoprene so I’m sure they could also fix your stitches. As a last resort, you can glue a neoprene tape over the stitches…

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