Hotsuits Wetsuit Heaters

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More than a year has passed since Rip Curl announced their new heated wetsuit. We haven’t seen them in stores yet, but now there is a more simple way to upgrade your ordinary wetsuit that allready hangs in your closet. Want to learn how?

Hotsuits company comes from Australia, they are the ones that had their fingers mixed in the making of the World’s First Heated Wetsuit. But their next solution looks like a much better one (and more affordable). They have just finished developing a BatteryPowered Wetsuit Heater that can be used independently with any wetsuit you have or will buy in the future.

Wetsuit heatersWetsuit heater uses a waterproof battery about the size of amobile phone and a wafer thin, flexible heating element which providesa constant heat of 50 degrees Celsius (or 122 degrees Fahrenheit) for around 2 hours.


Two hours of comfy temperatures for all winter surfers.


Hotsuits also makes a few other wetsuit heaters. Their awarded  Chemical Version Heated Kidney Belt goes for $89. They also allow other wetsuit manufacturer to incorporate their heaters into their designs. If you need more info on the, visit their website .

Wetsuit Heaters Blah, Blah…

wetsuit-heaters-logo.jpgHotsuits founder Chris Lyons: “Every major wetsuit company has approached us andtested our products. They are very interested in our technology. Wewanted to design an affordable heating system that was not onlysuitable for a whole range of water activities but which can also beused with any existing wetsuit on the market”

And the price for the puppy? $289 AUD.


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