Make your own Psyho wetsuit

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From all the same pop out products we came to designed by pros signature models of sport gear and now its time for the next step – the me and you and my sister and neighbor and that guy that feeds pigeons in the morning signature model. Yeah, time will come when everyone will be able to have their own signature model of their favorite snowboard stick, surfboard stick, skate shoe and toilet paper. O’Neill made the step forward in the wetsuit market. Design your own Psyho wetsuit?

O’Neill Psyho

O’Neill Psyho is the mother flagship of the O’Neill wetsuit range so everyone wants one. If you hate people dressed like you (instead of making friends with them) or you just want to make a statement O’Neill gives you the chance to choose the colors of every single neoprene panel in the Psyho wetsuit and choose the design, placement and the color of the logos. To design your own Psyho go here.


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