Ocean Rodeo Soul Drysuit: A Drysuit For Kiting, SUPing And Sailing

Soul Drysuit
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Ocean Rodeo Sports has created a unique new drysuit for kiteboarding, stand up paddleboarding (SUP) and sailing. The suit, called THE SOUL is unique in its technology and design. Unlike the “sloppy bag” look of conventional drysuits, this suit looks like a well-tailored snowboard jacket and pants. The SOUL is more flexible than a standard wetsuit and has a customizable level of warmth. This SOUL joins the two other drysuits made by Ocean Rodeo: the SURF DRY (created for surfing and SUP) and the PYRO PRO (created for kiteboarding and SUP). The SOUL is a drysuit that combines new levels of performance, aesthetics and safety for demanding water spot enthusiasts.

The SOUL utilizes innovative technology in every component of the suit. The breathable waterproof material uses a 210 Nylon Oxford face layer for durability and a hydrophilic Gelanots membrane to keep the rider dry by allowing perspiration to pass through and preventing cold water from entering. The self-entry uses hyper pliable T-zip zippers and is enclosed with the jacket which utilizes Ocean Rodeo’s Captive Zip Technology (patent pending). The suit is also equipped with a full hood which comfortably fits over a helmet and can be detached at the rider’s convenience. Other features include, a pee relief zipper, easy self-entry design, boot cuffs, a dry key pocket, a mp3 pocket, two zip-up pockets and a one year warranty on materials and construction.

Ocean Rodeo Soul Drysuit

Safety is fundamental at Ocean Rodeo. Given recent SUP related deaths due to exposure and the increase in novice paddlers on the water, it becomes increasingly important to ensure the appropriate safety gear is available for all watersports. On their website REI, a large dealer in SUP products urges “For cold conditions where hypothermia is a concern, wear a wetsuit or dry suit”. The SOUL allows the rider to customize the level of thermal protection for the appropriate activity and weather condition. Wearing the suit will help protect athletes from the cold and allow them to expand their season.

This aesthetically refined drysuit offers kiters, SUPers and sailors technical protection from the environment

Soul DrysuitLimited sizes of the SOUL will be available March 1st, 2012 with a full size run available by June 1st, 2012. The SOUL retails at $849USD and will be available through select dealers as well as online. The PYRO PRO and the SURF DRY are in stock and currently available.

About Ocean Rodeo

Ocean Rodeo is a Canadian company that has been building drysuits for 11 years. Their products have been rigorously tested by SUPers, surfers, sailors and kiteboarders. The company has a passion for enjoying the water and is committed to creating durable and innovative products that allow riders to push the envelope.


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