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Published on November 25th, 2006 | by K


Rip Curl H-Bomb, turn on the heat

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25 Responses to Rip Curl H-Bomb, turn on the heat

  1. jake says:

    Great! Less crowds in the water as people will be busy filling juice up their wetsuits :D :D to bad crowds are in the summer. Maybe a cooling C-Bomb 5/3 wetsuit for the summer…with beer pocket so you always have a cold one.
    Wouldn’t mind having one though ;)

  2. w says:

    1200$ :- thats more than 3 times over the next model

  3. bags says:

    Wow, that would mean like surfing in 3/2 wetsuit in the winter, it looks realy flexible to

  4. test says:

    Wow, I would realy like to test it! Betteries are the main issue here I guess, if they last (and dont explode ;D ) this wetsuit will kick ass!

  5. Jizzface says:

    More kooks in the water. Awesome. :-

  6. bags says:

    More computer nerds I would say :D

  7. Jacob says:

    I think Rip Curl needs to get a grip on the quality of construction in their current suits before they release something so pricey. the welded seems on the inside of my F Bomb cracked after just a few sessions. Not acceptable.

  8. ecoaster says:

    One of the Rip Curls top dogs said that top of the line wetsuits aren’t made to last more than one season :-\
    Cheaper wetties are tougher and more durable. I have no complaints about Rip Curl so far, they replaced any wetsuit we sent them without a question.

  9. admin says:

    A little update. Batteries will last for about 2 hours on high setting and you will be able to recharge with your car’s cigarette lighter.

  10. BON says:

    i think you need to tell ppl more bout the history and the making of them!! :P

  11. BON says:

    and yes i am talkin bout the wetsiut i need to know history and making of them so please tell me i am a 16 yo girl a want to know more please ;D ;D ;D

  12. bags says:

    don’t do drugs.. more? :P

  13. ... says:

    im sure if you wash your suit with fresh water when your done it will last you… you guys just dont care :'(

  14. charlie Banks says:

    what happens if u are in the water and the batteries run out can it still be used as a normal wetsuit

  15. Batman says:

    H-Bomb…exploding my bank account. Instead of splitin atoms, split up that cost somewhere else.

  16. Chris says:

    :'( my H bomb broke after 2 sessions not a good wetsuit at all dont get it. I was stupid to get it but it was half price since my dads friend works for ripcurl : )

  17. bags says:

    @Chris: what do you mean broke? Like the heating stopped working? Of did the wetsuit itself fall apart :)… I suppose Rip Curl should have some kind of warranty on the heating system and the batteries.

  18. bags says:

    @Charlie: you can use it as a normal wetsuit, it’s just that if it’s so cold that you need the batteries to keep you warm, once they run out you will only be left in a 3/2 wetsuit in some really cold water.

  19. nick says:

    :i know someone that bought one and it broke the first day.. the batteries just stopped working and wouldnt charge and the wetsuit itslef was gay as shit.. my brother has a rip curl 4/3 and it doesnt keep him warm

  20. .. says:

    It will hit the shelves around January. There are only about 200 in existence in the entire world. Whoever says that their H-Bomb or their friends’ H-Bomb broke is full of sh*t

  21. Jackass says:

    You apparently live in the forgotten land of the gulf or east coast-The Hbomb has been out for about a month.Jackass.If someone paddled out with a 1200 dollar H Bomb in Oxnard theyd get theyre tires slashed.Fkn kooks.

  22. Tom Bennett says:

    We’ve tried 2 vests to date; both had faulty heating elements that overheated, rendering the panel useless. One overheated and died after 3 weeks of careful use, and the other actually burned a hole through the fabric. Junk, junk, junk. Very disappointing and a royal waste of money.

  23. Brad says:

    Did you know you could turn your existing well fitting well made happy wetsuit into a heated ” H-bomb ” type for a mere $60.65 shipped anywhere in the continental USA. I couldnt afford the Hbomb but wanted it…but didnt really want to wear the stigma of even owning such a flamboyant show of personal wealth…so I ordered a product that was invisable to others except for the fact that I went 85% of this winter in my spring suit and was so impressed that I invested in the company … http://www.warmbelt.com $60.65 shipped anywhere in the continental USA you to can have a heated wetsuit…and no-one has to know unless you tell them.

  24. jimbob says:

    heating is rubish on it and i went out and bought a hotsuit they are far better!!!!!!

  25. ragged says:

    Considering their e bomb suits only last 3 months of constant everyday use,its way overpriced,you would need your old suit as backup when warranty comes a calling…CRAP

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