Spring Wetsuits – AKA Springy’s

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Roxy spring wetsuit for women, this one is Kassia Meador model.

If you plan on surfing or enjoying the water in the spring or fall months you’ll likely want a spring wetsuit. There are two main options in this category which are long arm sleeves with short legs or short arms with long legs. You can choose whichever you find more comfortable. I would guess that full legs short sleeves is a bit warmer though. Actually…I have no idea why someone would get a long arm short leg verstion?! Springy is a stepping stone between a shorty and a full suit…and when I think about it a bit more… I actually also have no idea why someone would get a springy at all. I use boardshorts and wetsuit top when it’s warm and when it gets too cold I jump into a 3/2 fullsuit and thats it. Well, with the new retro styles there are some really nice designs, maybe that is the reason:).

It ‘works’ in water temperatures from about 64F to 72F.

The thickness of the neoprene is normally going to be about 2 millimeters. The stitching is also flat locked which is not waterproof. They are marketed as ‘breathable’ because some air and water can get in, which most people like in warmer water.

If you want to learn more about which wetsuit goes with which water temperature and what are the factors that influence the feeling of cold check this article.

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