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PWA Constructors Championship Rankings

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PWA Constructors Championship Rankings are based on results from PWA competition to date in Waves, Slalom 42, Freestyle and Super-X and show us which windsurfing brands are doing well on the tour. The system, similar to that seen in Formula 1 car racing, awards points calculated purely on current discipline rankings, using the following scores. Due to the difference in fleet sizes you will notice the women’s points are derived slightly differently.

10 points
8 points
6 points
5 points
4 points
3 points
2 points
1 points
5 points
3 points
2 points
1 points

And the results?

PWA Constructors Championship – Boards

Pos. Brand Total Points
1. Starboard 67
2. F2 33
3. Mistral 30
4. Fanatic 19
5. JP 17
6. Tabou 11.5
7. Quatro 6
8. Naish 3.5
Exocet 0

PWA Constructors Championship – Sails

Pos. Brand Total Points
1. North 67
2. NeilPryde 44
3. MauiSails 38
4. Gaastra 18.5
5. Naish 10.5
6. Simmer 6
7. Severne 3

Do these results show who has the most money for the most and best windsurf pro riders? Or do the realy show which windsurf board brand and which sail brand is best? It is on you to decide, but the fact is that a crappy board or sail can not win.

PWA Tour 2007 Calendar and rule changes for 2007

Words from the PWA tour: The 2007 season brings exciting new changes and challenges to the competitive scene, such as the new specialist wave event, The Cape Verde PWA World Cup in February. Plus, following on from last years AGM at Sylt, there will be a few changes to the way things are done at PWA events. Wave events will now have a 48-man fleet in the men’s division. This will save considerable time at contests giving a better chance of getting good results and successful events, especially if suitable conditions are only brief during the holding periods allowed.

Under the new format, the top 16 seeds will be seeded through to the second round, creating a round of qualifying heats in the first round that will give upcoming sailors more opportunity to pass through heats and gain competition experience.

Based on the overwhelming wishes of the racing fleet, it has also been decided that Slalom 42 will now be run on a “no rules” basis, meaning that technically anything goes on the slalom course. The removal of the current direct refereeing system, will eliminate any difficulty or inconsistency in refereeing calls, and will create a self policing situation whereby any sailor infringing another will be more likely to cause themselves hindrance than anyone else.

We have already mentioned Cape Verde, which will kick the 2007 tour off, but the PWA is also proud to announce the confirmations of Alacati, after a successful inaugural event in 2006, Pozo, Fuerteventura and Sylt. There are plenty more venues awaiting confirmation of dates or status, so watch this space!

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