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Surfing Thames River In London

So far surf in London sucks. Why? Well, there is none :). But this is about to change. London surfers will be able to surf Thames river. Well not literally in Munich river surfing style but maybe even better. From 2011, the world’s first outdoor artificial surfing machine will try to rival ocean breakers using cleaned Thames river water.

Surfing In London Since 2011

The company behind this will start building and transforming the former grain dock sometimes this year. Waves that will reach up to overhead or lets say two meters will be accompanied by an artificial beach with palm trees, boardwalks and rentable fire-pits and barbecues. A little piece of California in the middle of London.

Surfing in London
New London surf spot? :)

The project will eat £20 million (or $44 million) bucks. The evil brain behind the project is Steve Jones, an adventure sports enthusiast who climbs, canoes and surfs. Steve is sure that London surfers are tired of being called “weekend warriors” and will appreciate their new local spot and will go surfing instead of the gym. We are sure they will if they will be able to spare around £30 for an hour’s session.

One hour session or at least 10 waves a rider, each wave rolling more than 100 meters. The wave machine will be able to make left and right waves and your best moves and wipeout will be recorded on giant screens. And crowds? Well, the plan is that there will be around 100,000 surfers and body-boarders a year, and like half a million spectators on the new surf spot in London. We vote that the next wave they build is a little less crowded :)

And we also dug up a little clip about the whole Surfing in London thing.


  • huh says:

    I wonder how much that thing costs, what kind of a machine will produce waves? This thing would be a hit in any tourist-flat-seaside destination.

    I would rather stick to real waves, but surfing this instead of nothing? I’ll take two please :)

  • rick says:

    I will eat my board if that ever happens. . .South African bodyboarder living in london, if it does happen ill be the first there. . .

  • StickyRicky says:

    This sounds like an awesome development, although An unlikely one at that. If it does come off though I will be straight up there to ‘visit friends and family’ ;).

  • London Holiday Homes says:

    I definitely love to be here. I wouldn’t miss it whenever I visit friends’

  • eduardo lopez says:

    hey! I rather prefer surfing natural waves but………… man this is incredible, ill definitely be the first one there!!

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