How To Make A Fun Snowboarding Video With Your GoPro Camera?

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This winter I clocked in only three snowboard days. My Fuerteventura surf trip kind of sliced my winter in half and kicked my brain into surfing mode so most of the time spent back home was spent chasing windswells in the Mediterranean. But on one of the last powder days of the season three long time friends managed to make our way to Austrian alps. And there it was, this last untouched north facing slope that was high enough and enough out of the sun to hold a stash of some late season powder. It wasn’t champagne dry, but it was that much sweeter. When you push your lunch break so many times the lifts close before you had a bite to eat still grinning from ear to ear.

So, I guess some people will expect some GoPro and editing tips because of the title…here they are:

  • POV shots are boring. So take them from as many different angles as possible. And the selfie stick shot looks better than the helmet one. At least to me…
  • Think ahead, be creative. Get shots that can be used as transition between main shots.
  • When editing make the clip dynamic. Lots of short clips lots of transitions keep the interest up. Long continuous shots, unless you’re Jeremy Jones, put people to sleep.
  • Use good music and try to make some transitions at the beat of the music.


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