Arbor Snowboards

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While checking out some of the less known snowboard manufacturers, one of them really caught my eye. We are getting all green and more environmentally aware and so are some of the companies. Arbor Snowboards put environment right there on the top of their list. Don’t believe me? Take a look at their website, its right on the top :)!

Arbor snowboards

Arbor SnowboardsArbor snowboards is a snowboard brand from Venice California. Apart from snowboards they also make skateboards and have their own clothing line. Its a small company run by snowboarders and skaters. How green are they? Their goal is to turn environmentally friendly materials and natural fibers into style and performance – EcoTechnologies. How do they do it?

Full-Length Wood Topsheet – During construction, resin locks the dense wood fibers in place, creating a structural layer that makes the board stronger and more responsive. You can get a snowboard made of Koa wood, maple, walnut, eucalyptus, black ravenswood or yellow bolivar wood. Or you can go with the Full-Length Bamboo Topsheet.

Cork Damping Stringers –  Cork is a natural vibration absorbing material. They insert tip-to-tail cork stringers between a core’s laminates and get a system that eliminates chatter.

Bamboo Reinforced Core – Bamboo-reinforced core increases snowboards power and durability. How come? Bamboo is one of the strongest materials on the planet. It has 40 times the effective life of carbon fiber and provides 60% more return than traditional core materials. Bamboo has a tensile strength and weight-to-strength ratio superior to steel, yet it is light, flexible, and resists compression. I admit – I did not know that and it sound impressive.


Arbor Skateboards

Koa Skates  – made of  Koa or “warrior” wood. Koa was first used 1,000 years ago by the native Hawaiians to build the original surfboards.

Bamboo Ply Bamboo is an amazingly renewable, environmentally friendly material. Strong, light, flexible, and resistant to compression.


Arbor T-Shirts and clothing

Arbor T-ShirtTheir t-shirts are made of bamboo fabric and organic cotton. Bamboo fabric?? 100 percent made of Bamboo that gives a light, ultra soft fabric. Bamboo’s unique attributes allow us to create fabric that is softer, lighter, and more durable than cotton. Bamboo wicks moisture and is naturally anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, and breathable. Bamboo is also a remarkably green and renewable material. Nice one!

These are just some of the interesting ideas and technologies that Arbor snowboards came up with. If you want more, visit their webiste. I must admit, there is something about these boards that makes me want to have one.


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