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A fresh love for me, but a hard one. A completely fell into MTB last year and there is so much to know, to tell and to explain to someone who is just starting out I have a feeling there will be a lot of writing involved here. Especially, as I am already realizing, that there is also lots of injury downtime when it comes to mountainbiking. Unfortunately :). “Wipeouts” on MTB don’t end in snow or water. They end in trees, bushes, rocks and other hard objects not designed to cussion the fall. And surviving a full speed over the handlebars ejection and landing without any injuries is more of a good luck coincidence than a common thing. But there is no need to worry. As with any sport you ride as hard as you choose. If you are careful and don’t step over your own limits and if you wear all the needed protective gear – you’ll be fine. But what’s the fun in that…. :)