Somewhere in Chile – El Gringo

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Since I got involved in the speculations where will this years Rip Curl Search Somewhere in event take place with my first post Somewhere in Chile and my second post Somewhere in Chile – Arica I guess now it’s time for the third one – this years Somewhere in Chile will take place in El Gringo, Arica.

El Gringo, Arica, Chile

El Gringo is one of the more famous surf sport in Chile, it’s a sick left and a longer right that local people also call Flopos. El Grino is also known as Southamerican Pipeline. Its reef bottom break in the city of Isla El Alacran near Arica. So it looks like its final, this years Rip Curl Search will be held Somewhere in Chile, El Gringo in Chile. Watch the movie for some footage of the wave and more info:


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