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How to save some money and still get a good but cheap wetsuit or how to totally waste you hard earned currency and buy something cheap and useless. Hmm… or better – how not to do that.


Fact is that surfing and other water sports are on the rise. So the wetsuit market is expanding with all sorts of good, bad, expensive or cheap wetsuits from a different wetsuit manufacturers. As far as we see it, there are three ways to get a cheap wetsuit. Two of them are right and one of them is wrong :). What do we mean by wrong?

The Wrong Way To Get a Cheap Wetsuit

Some wetsuits are plain and simple cheap because they plain and simple suck. They are made using poor materials like crappy neoprene which contains a lot of rubber and using bad stitches that will tear as soon as we flex our muscles (we are overdoing it here, but you get the point:) ). Whats wrong with neoprene that has a lot of rubber? Rubber is cheap but it does not contain any air bubbles. Neoprene with lots of rubber will have really bad isolation capabilities.

The first right way to get your hands on a good cheap wetsuit

As we said it – bigger wetsuit market, more opportunities for companies and bigger selection for us shivering surfers. A good way to buy a cheap wetsuit is to go for some of the less known wetsuit companies. Their wetsuits might not be right on the cutting edge, like between 5 top wetsuits out there, but their top models can compare to all the big ones. Plus there is a price benefit. How to spot a good cheap wetsuit? A good way to start would be to read our wetsuits guide and learn a few things about wetsuits. If we keep it short – look for stretchy neoprene and double blind stitched and liquid sealed seams. And look for warranty. If the “cheap wetsuit” starts falling apart you can return it. Now these cheap wetsuits might be a bit more expensive than cheap wetsuits from the first method (the wrong one, remember :) ) but you will be thankful later.

The second right way to get your hands on a good cheap wetsuit

This one is more obvious, but it requires some planning and thinking ahead (which is not what us surfers are know for :) ). A simple way to get your hands on a cheap wetsuit of top quality is to wait for sales and/or buy last years models. If it was a top alien technology wetsuit that ads 5 inches to your airs last year, how bad can it be this year :)? You can visit factory outlets, wait for after winter sales…. whatever. Just keep in mind you might not get exactly what you wanted. Maybe your model will not be available at all or (tough luck) you won’t be able to get the right wetsuit size. But if you do you will be frothing for the next winter to come :).

OK, these were a few ideas how to get a cheap wetsuit, if you got any more – post them in the comments.

Help, please share this if you found it useful…Tnx!

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7 Responses to CHEAP WETSUITS

  1. cheapster says:

    Nice tips :) I’m not so rich to by cheap or however it goes… So does anyone has any ideas which wetsuit manufaturer has the best price/performance ratio?

  2. bella says:

    i am going to the river today and we r going to kadina SA fruist and we need new wetsuits sorts just the sorts but i dont no how much they cost so if u going email me to prise to day that woukld be very good ok thanx love bella :D :D :D :D :D ;D ;D :) :)

  3. 3G says:

    Sorts? Shorty should set you back from 50$ on, full suit from 150$, but you might want to spend a little more and get something good… ;)

  4. boris carloft says:

    Why did I? Last week. Why did I send a white coat out to be pressed with a mars bar in the pocket?

  5. dana123 says:

    heyy, does anyoneknow were i can getr a pretty cheap wetsuit for my scuba diving trip. and i need one a 3mm

  6. kat says:


  7. Fits Patrick says:

    just get the suit that fits right duder

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