Snowboard Stomp Pad: Who Needs It And How To Mount It

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If you have troubles riding your snowboard with your back foot out of the binding when you get off the lift, then you should get a stomp pad. What is a stomp pad, why do we use it, where do we put it and how do we attach it to the snowboard.

What is a snowboard stomp pad?

Simple Snowboard Stomp PadSnowboard stomp Pad is a rubbery or foamy (or whatever material that has high friction) pad that is attached to the top of the snowboard so you can stand on it, when your back foot is not strapped into the snowboard binding.

Snowboard surface is slippery, especially when it is wet from snow. So when your back foot is unbuckled like, when you go on a ski lift, get off the ski lift or just traverse a flat section of the slope, you put our back foot on the stomp pad. Because the stomp pad is generally made of rubber (and has anti skid profile) and so are the soles of our snowboard boots, they stick together much better than snowboard boots and snowboard surface. With stomp pad we can even make some easy turns, use the edge of the snowboard, stop when we need to without wiping out etc…

Who should use it?

It’s very useful for beginners and not so experienced riders. It helps you control the board when your back feet is out of the binding. If you are experienced and have total control over your board you can do all that without the pad. But stomp pad does make it easier. On the other hand – some people say that stomp pad is a sign of a beginner and only sissies use them :). Just so you know.

How to attach it to your snowboard?

Stomp pad comes with a layer of strong glue on the bottom side. First thing you need to do is mark the spot where you will put it. It comes right in front of your back binding, that means in between the bindings. Put your snowboard boot just in front of the back binding and make a spot under the center of the boot. This will help you avoid gluing it to close to the binding, where you can’t step on it with your whole boot. Next thing you need to do is clean the top of your snowboard. Remove all the dust, oil, blood, sperm, marijuana and other stuff from the deck. Wipe it clean and let it dry. Also, don’t wipe off the X mark that you made :).

Make sure you are inside, if it is too cold, the glue gets harder and the pad might come off.

And finally, remove the paper/plastic/whatever from the bottom of the pad and place it firmly on to the snowboard. Keep the pressure for a while and you are set to go. If you have enough time, it is better to leave the pad under pressure (put some heavy books on it) for 24 hours before using it.

If the pad falls off?

Usually you can stick it back on since the glue will still be sticky. But it will start coming off sooner and sooner, so at one time you will have to throw it away and get a new one. Remove all the old glue from the snowboard, then follow the instruction above.

Stomp pad styles

Just go crazy. Like everything in life, snowboard stomp pads have gone from simple dull black pieces of rubber to designed, bling bling, colorful, high tech…well pieces of rubber.

Enjoy your ride with the back foot unbuckled.

How to get the stomp pad off your snowboard?

  1. Use a straight edge like a knife, razor, straight head screwdriver and use it on the edge of the pad. Be careful not to stab the board or yourself for that matter.
  2. When you have peeled off like an inch of the pad use a blow drier to heat the pad and the glue.
  3. The rest should then peel off easier without the use of knife.
  4. Clean the glue from your board. You can use nail polish remover for instance (just make surf to test it first, you don’t want to remove the graphics as well).


  • admin says:

    Stomp, stomp, stomp it like there is no tomorow

  • Claudia says:

    I love the way this guy writes these articles! “Remove all the dust, oil, blood, sperm, marijuana and other stuff fromt he deck.” LOL!!! Funny stuff. (Even under “How To Buy A Snowboard” he goes off onto an Eminem rap!) :D

  • admin says:

    Claudia, I do not know how all that stuff came on to my board, really :D

  • admin says:

    & thanks btw, it’s nice to hear a compliment after I typed my fingers to the bones…

  • Amy says:

    “Remove all the dust, oil, blood, sperm, marijuana and other stuff from the deck.” :D beautifully written

  • Rubiooo says:

    thanks a ton man. i used your “magnificant” instructions to put on my stomp pad on my very first board. ;)

  • royal123 says:

    hi i just got a world ind stomp pad and i did everything that you said exept that when i took the peel stuff on the bottom there was no stick at all. so what do i do glue it with hot glue or gorilla glue? plz tell

  • 3G says:

    No glue on your pad, that’s weird :o I’d use gorilla glue.

  • royal123 says:

    i still havnt gotten the answer i want can i use glue at all. thx

  • nico785 says:

    Ya, me too. Should I use glue? :o

  • thomas says:

    the best thing for attaching a pad is water proof epoxy. gorilla glue expands too much

  • Ross says:

    [b][/b]yeah hi so I bought a stomp pad at a ski resort and the instrumctions say to use a blow dryer and heat it up then stick it on. Is that really necassary??

  • 3g says:

    @Ross: yeah, it depends on the glue that is on the stomp pad, if the instructions say to heat it – do it!

  • johny says:

    There’s also this new type of stomp pad which is GREAT for beginners called the “Strap Pad.” Basically it’s a stomp pad with an adjustable VELCRO strap to make the chairlift ride more comfortable and give you way more control getting off the lift. It’s a simple peel and stick product (no blow dryer require, haha). I think you can check it out at

  • Jeffy says:

    Uhhhh yeah, wash the sperm and lube and whatever else is on the board off….

  • Weedman says:

    Remember to re-apply all the sperm and marijuana and blood back onto the board after adding new shit. It’s scientifically proven to protect the board from absorbing water between the layers.

  • cds says:

    how do i get the stomp pad off

  • justin says:

    Lol. Just used ure instructions on first board. Had to remeber to wipe the sperm and weed off my ride! lol. Good shit

  • K says:

    My advice to everyone asking about glue – don’t buy a non sticky pad in the first place :).

    How to get the stomp pad off your snowboard? Knife, razor, straight head screwdriver…any straight edge will do. Lift an edge, apply heat (blow drier), peel it off, clean glue residue with some toxic shit, you’re finished.

    Hm..could put this in the original article I guess..

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