HangAir Wetsuit Dryer

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HangAir Wetsuit Dryer is what most of the cold water/weather surfers were missing but they did not know it existed. Now, if you leave your wetsuit in the trunk of your car till the next time you use it, you can probably skip this but otherwise, if you want your wetsuit to be dry and comfy the next morning take a look at the HangAir.

So why would you pay $69.95 for a hanger? HangAir Wetsuit Dryer is made for the surfer or actualy any wetsuit user that can’t stand hopping back into their moist wetsuit from the previous day. It is basically a wide hanger that spreads the wetsuit so it is wide open. HangAir hanger is also equipped with a two-speed, high-powered, waterproof fan that circulate air through your wetsuit and help keep your wetsuit dry inbetween riding the waves. HangAir Wetsuit Dryer is constructed out of Nylon 66 so it will not give in under your heavy 6/5/4 wetsuit. It looks just like just another “what the hell did they come up this time” gadget, but when you think of it – HangAir Wetsuit Dryer might be just the thing you need.

What can HangAir Wetsuit Dryer do for you?

  • HangAir Wetsuit Dryer cuts down the drying time for your wetsuit up to 70%! At least that is what they claim on their website. There were some tests that pretty much confirmed that you can dry your wetsuit much quicker with it. You get the best result if you put your wetsuit on a HangAir Wetsuit Dryer and hang it out in a shade on a light breeze. That will get the job done in just two hours! Drying it inside might take a few hours more, but still it will get the job done much faster.
  • HangAir has two fan speeds, slower is more quiet but not very effective, the faster one is quite loud (you better hang it in your garage), but wetsuit dries much faster.
  • HangAir also eliminates the smell of your wetsuit! Long drying makes your wetsuit smell like…well you know.
  • HangAir comes with a power cord thet plugs stragiht into 120V through a 12V DC adapter, so it is safe. Not good for camping though.

About HangAir Wetsuit Dryer

HangAir Wetsuit Dryer is the brainchild of twenty-three-year-old Michael Appelman, who is a surfer and scuba diver. Getting tired of his early-morning surfing in a cold, wet, stinky wetsuit, he put his brain to work and developed a sports apparel drying system. First for himself, then for the market. After playing around with different materials, different electrical components and designs, he created Hangair Drying System. After the first prototype was finished, Michael passed a few of them to his friends and they were…well, they did not want to give them back, so the production of HangAir Wetsuit Dryer started. This is all pretty new, the HangAir Wetsuit Dryer was introduced this September. If you are wondering how it looks, here are a few pictures:

I you are not getting the Hangair Dryer then you can check out a few tips on how to dry a wetsuit , how to dry a wetsuit in the sun (if you have to) or how to dry you wetsuit in the car.


  • Ben says:

    That’s a good idea, I am just wondering what effect has the HangAir Wetsuit Dryer on the flexibility of your wetsuit? I know that everytime I dry my wetsuit, faster if I dry it outside (or even in the sun :( ) the neoprene gets a little bit stiffer.

  • Michael says:

    Thank you for the review. It is greatly appreciated. Your last comment, “Not good for camping though” was probably correct at the time you wrote your review. However, within the next few weeks we will be coming out with our car adapter for the Hangair. It works great. The power draw is only one amp. so with a 60 amp car battery you can run the Hangair for 60 hours, enough time to dry up to a dozen wetsuits or so.

  • 360 says:

    Hi michael, thanks for the comment and the additional info. And good luck with the hangair!

  • kirsty says:

    I’m trying to buy one of these for my boyfriend for xmas, but just cannot work the hangair website, it keeps asking me to sign up with a random company that I have to pay for – has anyone else had this problem??

  • Myra says:

    I’m having the same problem. I can see the product but all the sites I go to to purchase are no longer avaliable or are some “random” unsafe site.

  • Rich says:

    I originally saw this device on surfline but thought it a bit pricey. Got a deal on it at pleasure sports in Florida and was skeptical. I luv this device. How much is a warm , dry, non smelly wetsuit worth on a cold winter morning? One less ting to whine about in my life. Thanks

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