Goodbye Hawaii, Hello Portugal: Is Nazare Kicking Big Wave Worlds Ass?

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Garrett McNamara at Praia do Norte, Nazaré, Portugal

The Nazare beach in Portugal was thought as even more remote and sleepy little town than Makaha or Waimea on Oahu’s North Shore in the 1950’s. But after the year 2012 and discovery of the Praia do Norte’s deep water ocean channel, it became the booming big wave spot, which surpassed even all of the Hawaiian island chains best! Yep, you heard it right … The top big wave destination is no longer Hawaii. Now, its Europe and its remote beaches of Portugal.

A long time surf journalist Marko commented on the latest Nazare behemoth:”Wanna go to Hawaii?! Dont!”

What exactly makes this place and this wave so special and why are waves here bigger than anywhere else in the world? Check out the coverage of Garretts “Nazare coming out” wave where the underwater wave magnifying canyon is explained.

Now you have to see another video from 28.1.2013 in which Garrett wipes out, tries to break through the water surface, kind of succeeds and then you can see him swimming up the  back of the falling lip. Crazy stuff.

Now there is also an interview with Garrett in which he talks about his monster wave. Was it 100ft? It doesn’t really matter…

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