Mountain Bike T-Shirts

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Designing t-shirts has always been fun. I started with drawing on blank tees with a brush and some acrylic paints then started designing then for our surf club and now I made a few that you can buy online.

MTB Other Sports Require Only Two Balls

I designed this tee watching all the overpaid soccer players acting and pretending to be injured trying to fool the referees. I designed this tee thinking of Red Bull Rampage, where riders actually risk their life riding, while not making the salary of the cameraman filming them. I designed this tee for all the riders, ourselves and our friends that got hurt while riding our mountainbikes. And finally I designed this tee for everybody that loves to ride. PS: don’t let the balls part deceive you, girls shred too:)

You can get it here:


MOUNTAINBIKING: Because Other Sports Require Only One Ball.


The first one is a MTB t-shirt. MTB is one of my passions and the logo represents that you’re gonna bike 4 life till u drop dead :). It’s a high quality cotton tee and you can get it here:

This popular tee sold more than 150 times, you can still order it, but you will have to wait for a few orders to accumulate.

mtb logo

This is the logo.

Front of the MTB tee.

And this is how the t-shirt looks like. There are also a few other colors and styles available.

You can get it here:

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