Future Fins Quad guide to four fins

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Future Fins introduces the ‘Quadalog’ guide to four fins

It looks like four fins are the new three fins and golf is the new bowling. Quad fin setup was invented soon after the thruster but with the success of thruster and how good it felt to ride a three fin nobody really “noticed” that a four fin setup came out. With the latest surfboard industry flip to new technologies and new ideas the overlooked ugly duck is becoming more popular. Future Fins just produced a Quadalog – a quad catalog.

The Quadalog

The Quadalog is a comprehensive guide that gives surfers direction into the seemingly overwhelming quad evolution. “There are so many variables when it comes to choosing a fin set-up for a quad”, says Derek Young, Future Fins Marketing. “With the help of our team riders we created 12 unique quad sets, each set is paired with specific front and rear fins that compliment each other well”

The Quadalog helps you choose the right fin set-up for your quad. Just follow these instructions:

  • do you know what type of quad you have, if not find out;
  • how much do you weight;
  • select a quad set by being honest about the wave types that you’ll be surfing.

Quad fins setup instructions

Quad surfboard type

A Performance Quad has a narrower tail compared to a Fish Quad, which gives it a fast and sharper turning radius.
The Fish Quad’s wider tail gives the surfer greater control under their feet and allows for longer drawn out lines.

Weight issue

Find your weight range. Future Fins has 12 quad sets divided by surfer’s weight (from 75 to 190 lbs. +). Or you can just compare yourself to one of the Future Fins surfers, do you look like John John, Ry Craike, Pancho Sullivan or Dave Rastovich.

Wave type

Each quad set is specifically designed for certain wave types and in order to choose a quad set, the surfer must determine the wave types they will be surfing. The wave types are:

  • Point / Reef Breaks,
  • Beach Breaks,
  • Slow / Mushy Waves.

The quad fins choosing thing look something like this:



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