Rip Curl Wetsuits: Project Resurrection

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Did you ever wonder what happens to your old dirty stinky wetsuit fullof holes after you throw it into the garbage can? We know we didn’t. For that matter, most of the times we got rid of the old wetsuit long before it got the the old worn out dirty stinky state. We sold itto someone who is not a wetsuit junkie like us and doesn’t have to have the latest in wetsuit technology all the time. But still, for all of you that are worried about what happens to neoprene when you throw it away – Rip Curl Wetsuits comes with a solution – Project resurrection.

Project resurrection is neoprene recycling project. Old worn out wetsuits, old worn out neoprene will get a second life – it will be reborn as a pair of slaps.

The idea comes from France. I case you are wondering, in the France region of Aquitaine which is known for surfing spots like Hossegor, Caprebreton, Les Cavaliers, Belhara…, how many tons of old wetsuits and neoprene is thrown away every year? Guess?

Old wetsuits, and production off-cuts put about 150 tons of neoprene into the trash every year.

So, what did Rip Curl Do?

Rip Curl launched “Project Resurrection”. They collect old  wetsuits at the Rip Curl Pro Hossegor factory and in all Rip Curl Pro Stores. If they get a still useful wetsuit they donate it to young surfers in Morocco. The rest of it (or a part of the rest of it) was cut into pieces and used as filling for beanbags. Special Rip Curl bean bags that will be auctioned at Rip Curl WQS events…anyway…

The rest of neoprene was turned into resurrection rubber, a mixture of chopped neoprene (30%) and rubber. And resurrection rubber was then turned into the Resurrection Espadrille.


Rip Curl Wetsuit Resurrection


Resurrection Espadrille

As you might have already asumed, we are again in the green teritory here :) Which is great. Upper of the espadrille is made out of organic cotton upper, printed withÖko-test certified ink, and the soles were made of “resurrection rubber”.

Where can you get them? A limited series of Resurrection Espadrilles will be sold from the end of June ’08 in Rip Curl Pro Stores, at the Rip Curl Boardmasters in England and the Rip Curl Pro Hossegor in France. Price – 25 €

In Asia, Rip Curl will be making resurrection slaps, in the Summer ’09 Collection, there will be a total of 8 models of slaps which will use “resurrection rubber”.

If you are now still left wondering what to do with your old wetsuit – all you need to do is get your as to France and take it to the Rip Curl store.


  • riley says:

    the ebomb is awesome 8)

  • Charlie says:

    This is why I like Aleeda Wetsuit company..they have the best warranty in the business (lifetime on seams) and so anytime I need a repair, they will repair it for free and ship it back to me..This way, I can keep my oldies as a back up or give it to someone who needs it.

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