Children’s Wetsuits

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When children are surfing, swimming, etc… their bodies cool down faster than adults. Less mass or something like that. So even in not so cold water kids will get cold and will need a good wetsuit. Keep in mind that even when kids are cold they will often not say anything because they don’t want to have to get out of the water. Most parents have seen kids shivering with almost blue lips telling them that they aren’t cold and they want to go play. I know…I was the same.

In addition to keeping the children warm a good wetsuit will also protect their skin from dangerous UVA and UVB sun rays as well as minor cuts and bumps which are common while playing in the water. So what is important when choosing and buying a new wettie for kids?

Choosing a Wetsuit for Kids

The same general wetsuit buying guidelines will apply for both kids and adults. But there are a few differences:

  • Very few kids will be swimming, surfing, diving… in extremely cold water. This kind of craziness is kind of reserved for adults. So kids usually need a basic neoprene wetsuit to help keep them warm, not a heated 6/5/4 with integrated hood.
  • Kids don’t typically care about how thick the suit is since they don’t need to worry as much about the flexibility. It’s just fun and games until certain age.
  • When they get older they will get more picky. And when they start growing fast it can be difficult to find a properly fitting wettie. Some parents will buy a little bit big so kids can wear the wetsuit more than one season. In almost all cases that is not a problem, suit will still provide a fair amount of warmth…of course, if extreme temperatures are not in play.
  • Keep in mind as well that there can be a big difference between skinny kids and overweight kids when it comes to sizes.

Since it is harder to balance the fit with the price when it comes to kids you can also get a thicker rashguard and put it under the wetsuit.

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