Burton Snowboards E.S.T.

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Burton Snowboards showed us some goodies that were released in the 2008 season. The thing that lifts the most dust is the new E.S.T. snowboard-to-binding interface.

E.S.T. snowboard-to-binding interface

Riders that already tested E.S.T. are the Burton Global Team Riders. Jeremy Jones had this to say about the new system “I rode E.S.T. up at Mt. Hood, and it was killer, the set up was easy, adjustments were brainless…I’m stoked! I was hyped, and my feet stayed comfortable as well. It’s strong, it’s functional and it’s what everyone is gonna want.”

What Exactly is E.S.T. binding system?

E.S.T. snowboard-to-binding interface is a new technology that completely changes the way bindings are mounted on snowboards. E.S.T. offers the riders a limitless stance options. Good board feel, cushioning and stance versatility is what we like to hear. The secret is in the new SensoryBED, which is a replacement for the old rigid baseplate that is usually found on traditional bindings. SensoryBED is a super cushioned, removable platform that transmits more information up to your boots and absorbs absorbing impacts and vibrations fro the ground before they ever reach your body.

The specially designed E.S.T. binding mounts exclusively to the X8, Stria, Jeremy Jones and un..inc 2008 Burton snowboards. A retro-compatible E.S.T. disk is also available, allowing riders to enjoy the advantages of infinite stance adjustability with any Burton binding.

Limitless stance options?

So how do you set your stance angles with E.S.T., the system that was under top-secret development for the last three years? The E.S.T. interface between the snowboard and the bindings in totally different. The binding skips the traditional hole patterns completely. Instead, the E.S.T bindings fits into a channel that frees the board from previous three degree angle limitations. With just a pull of a cord you can adjust your stance angles, setback and width without even stepping out of the binding. No tools needed.

At times like these also people in charge of Burton Snowboards get their say. Scott Barbieri, VP of Burton Hardgoods: “At Burton snowboards, we always listen to our riders and do our best to bring their ideas to life on the hill. All of this new technology is the result of rider feedback and years of research, testing and development. With more R&D resources than anyone out there, we are happy to bring snowboarders new, breakthrough technology that will make their day on the hill more fun than ever.”

If you are convinced and you are looking for Burton E.S.T. Snowboard Bindings you can get them here!


  • boarder says:

    Uh, I have got to see this.

  • bingo says:

    OK, what is the deal here with E.S.T., I mean, how many snowboarders just change their stance angles all the time, every day, every run or something :-\ ? They keep messing with the angles. Uh, this slope is steeper, I need bigger angles for carving… no no wait, there is a flat section comming screw, screw al right, uh there is a kicker over there screw screw again… ;D Do you really need the E.T.S. system to do this with a pull of the cord? I adjusted the angles once or twice in two years since I put new bindings on my snowboard. Maybe it is just me.
    Dont know about the SensoryBED, I’ll wait to see it.

  • bingo says:

    Otherwise thumbs up for Burton snowboards ;D You guys are great.

  • werner says:

    burton is going crazy with all this. it’s confusing and it makes so you have to buy burton bindings with a burton board, no other board has this. >:( there just making it so you spend more money and htye get more money. anyway, it’s kinda cool but it’s also bad. :-\

  • jake says:

    I guess it’s always like this… company makes a BLING DING DING NEW SUPER NASA TECHNOLOGY ETC.. improvement to the equipment, then the riders decide if it is really worth it. If we buy it then it sticks, if we dont, then it goes into oblivion ;D

    But you are right, Burton just keeps trying to be uncampatibile with all the others, they are so big they can afford it.

  • daisy says:

    bingo :D :D :D

  • gordooo says:

    k, what the hell guys. Burton was the one who realy got snowboards to the stage they are at now, they have been developing technologys since 1976. The last 10 years havnt had enouf new technologys and now burton sees it as a time to bring in new ideas to the sport, i think the EST will be sick, think about it we will be able to aproche a jump with a with a suitable stance, not to wide to kill our knees but at a good wide stance, then stop at a rail and pull that stance way way out wider then we dare have gone before. Maybe Burton will have a system to adjust our bindings angle with a push of a buton so we could ride with our front foot pointed out and back flat for good carving then aproach something you want to land switch and duck it out. I think burton knows what they are doing, they own forum and some small name snowboard companys so i doupt that they will be the only manufacture made compatible with there new system and they are good at making things work so props to burton on there search for new board technologys :-* you just wait to see what burtons planing for 09 and 10 ;)

  • jake says:

    We are going to ride planks of wood ;) check Arbor anowboards. Hey gordooo, I give thumbs up and respect to Burton and to any other innovative company that is pushing the limits! I agree Burton is in large part responsible for bringing snowboarding to where it is today and any new technology is welcome, if not for other things it shows that the company is alive, thinking, trying, being creative ! I am just saying that in the end you have to wait and see if the innovation really sticks, it might be a great idea, it might not be, the snowboarders will decide.

    So whats up for 09&10 if its not a secret?

  • Andy says:

    really like the idea. sucks to have to burton burton goods but the advantage is when you switch from groomed to powder to park. In the park i like zero offset and mirror “duckstance”, it helps with riding switch and turning the board. On groomed and powder i like a 2.5cm offset (5.0 in really deep powder) and a forward stance. It’ll really allow the rider to change the setup easily for those who like to ride all over the mountain.

  • bingo says:

    Huh, kind of a flame here :) OK I might find it more useful if I used it for a while and get used to it, but still – I did not change my stance angles in 2 years and I didn’t really feel the need to change them. What I hate is friends that start changing their stance before the first run on a powder day…and then they tell you to wait for them ;D ;D

    Yeah right, no friends on powder day :D

  • kirksta o1 says:

    big up all ma fellow riders this year is gonna be bangin so lets do it pappa muntz style half mast on your first run and ride it like u stole it . keep it up all u adrenaline junkies .kool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Darcy says:

    i was wondering if the 08 est bindings will mount to a 07 burton dominant board?

  • )(nfinit)( says:

    EST Bindings only on EST Boards (Currently there is the Jeremy Jones, X8, and Un..Inc., Custom is also being released).

  • Bakpil says:

    I just got the new Burton EST bindings and they look great, feel great, and the simplicity of it astonishes me. ONE PROBLEM, the toe strap slips off at certain angles. Correct me if im wrong, but shouldn’t the toe strap or any strap for the bindings stay on at all times, no matter what angle its being pulled from?

  • Braden says:

    I just purchased a jeremy jones board and its awesome. I cant wait to put the est bindings on it and ride! I just wished that the est bindings were cheaper!

  • Daniel says:

    I don’t understand all the hype about this EST stuff. It looks similar what Forum snowboard had few years ago and they are back to 4×4 bindings because the other thing sucked so big time. It was always braking or just got loose.

  • John says:

    firstlythe idea isn’t to change your stance for ever hit in the park but to allow you to change your stance by smaller increments. ie. you don’t have to move the binding a full set of bolts or twist it 1 noth on the base plate you can move it as little as 1mm or o.5 degrees….. hence the “infinite” channel system.

    Secondly there is no bass in the binding. when you bend/flex your board it forms a smooth curve the whole length of the board… except that is… where the flat base of your rigid binding is. with est there is no base so your board can flex naturally as the designer intended.

    i like the idea and have just bought a fix with this system. although i’ve got to say id feel more comfortable using 4 bolts per foot, but i’m sure they’ve done their calculations and it’ll be fine.

    either way the board will probably be better than our riding skills.

  • cody says:

    uh, bingo, you have no clue what you are talking about you dont adjust every time you go down the hill and you dont adjust every time you wanna go of a jump. you make a stance that is comfortable for you and you keep it. EST only has more options then regular bolt so STFU

  • ES says:

    Burton Triad Green Machine Rules!

  • zvone says:

    I got a custom x 158, and co2 est L bindings! 15 -15 angles! but when hey are centard on the board on the red line the toe ramp is a litle over the edge, and the toe ramp is pulled all the way back. so i moved bindings one line rear then a red line… is that going to infuance my riding will i have to much heel overhand?? it only one line back!

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