I’ve Met Kelly Slater

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If you have more info on Kelly Slater, want to say “Hi!”, tell us how you met him or any other Kelly Slater related story – please use the comments below.


  • Kemp says:

    Kelly Taught Me How To Surf
    I Taught at Cocoa Beach High School when Kelly was a freshmen there. I now teach Marine Science in Clewiston, Fl. at Clewiston High School. When I was in Cocoa Beach, Kelly and his brother Sean took me surfing for my first time and I often tell my students about this in class when we talk about waves. One of my students saw an interview with Kelly and he actually mentioned the incident in the interview. If possible I would like to know if Kelly could contact me or if you could get me an e-mail to contact him. I know he is probable a busy person and that strange requests probable come all the time, but it would be AWESOME to hear from him and just say HEY!

    Coach Kemp

  • Lauren says:

    Kelly Slater at a Dada concert
    I saw Kelly Slater this Saturday night at a dada concert in San Juan Capistrano, CA. He joined the trio on stage and played his guitar and even sang along to one of the songs! Afterward I was fortunate enough to grab a photo with him and he was really nice. It was kind of surprising to see him at that concert since the band isn’t really an “A ticket” band. At least I know that the best surfer in the world has good taste in music!!!


  • Meet says:

    Meeting Kelly Slater In Cocoa Beach
    The place is Coco Beach. Home of the Great Kelly Slater. The winter season rolled into effect where the air becomes cool and the ocean a little cooler. Perhaps that water temp was about 65 to seventy in that month of December 2007. Slater felt right at home having experienced many years of his life in a community that admires Kelly Slater special touch to every wave. The ocean rolled in some four and five footers. This was a benefit for cancer. Kelly signed autographs every chance he got. The kids were eating it up. Its surfers like Slater on and off the board, that keep the sport alive. Water dripped off his nose as he signed for a the kids that swarmed like bees.

    Even if you weren’t a serious surfing fan you could really appreciate the reaction of the crowd to every turn of Kelly Slater. I looked out into the water to the black wet suit of Slater. He picked up a four foot wave. That poor little wave got chewed to pieces at the aggressive style of this highly skilled surfer. The wave took a real wiping with all the snaps. Kelly totally destroyed this Florida wave. He surfed every inch of it, and thus covered every angle. The commentator expressed that Kelly likes to put as much effort as possible into every set. This is what makes Kelly Slater the best surfer…ever. Its a truly rewarding experience to watch Slater surf.

  • Shannon says:

    Just back from the Quikky pro on the Gold Coast, currently I have a broken leg but this is my first real surfing event I’ve been to. Kelly was coming up the beach after his heat in the Fosters Surf Showdown with his 100s of fans and here I am on my crutches and Kelly looks right at me and I said: “Kelly, Kelly I tried to chase after you!” His reply was: “It would’ve been good if you caught me!” So yes Kelly is not only an outstandingly talented surfer, extremely attractive male but he is also a lady pleaser!

  • Mudmullet says:

    Our local surfers are the best in the world.Thanks Kelly and C.J. And dont forget Damo.

  • Corey says:

    ‘kelly is a legend, he is really figuring out the meaning of life and becoming more and more selfless.
    Incredible mate!’

  • kaydee says:

    ‘wow… i am a big SLATER FAN and have been for quit some time. Kelly is an inspiration to all surfers. He is the man.


  • edgar sanchez says:

    ‘Kelly, hope you are doing great, here in my country Costa Rica we are fine, we have consistent good waves pretty much the whole year, you should come and visit us, also we are waiting for your official website to be done.
    You are our greatest hero ever, keep going Kelly.’

  • Alexandra says:

    ‘hey kelly,
    you are like my favouret surfer!
    my name is alexandra Durant and i surf and i love to surf heaps and if it all works out one day i would love to become world champ oneday!!!!!!!!’

  • rp says:

    ‘what kelly! next time you, machado and king toofs get together you guys should jam and record it. miss the music =)


  • Fernando says:

    ‘Hola Kelly,

    We met in Oahu some days ago on the beach….thanks to that shark in shallow waters. Remember? :). It was a pleasure meeting you and I wish you a great 2009, go for the 10th title!, it is yours!

    Un abrazo.


  • Kota says:

    Hey Kelly!!! when are u comin to Chile man? Pichilemu is waiting for yah! whats ur next championship? let us know! we wish u all the best for 2009, u rock, i seriously cant stop watching ur videos, ur posters are all over my house! u r the best! n please let us know when ull be performing next! xoxo

  • Sabrina says:

    ‘Hey, Kelly!

    Looking forward to seeing you in Brasil!
    You have to come to the beach earlier though so that we, fans, have a chance to take pix and get some autographs, ok?


  • frederic dewald says:

    hey kelly I am a fan a you and a fan of surf. do ou know a tips fore the compitition because I finished just third place in my las t compitition and I want to be first(I am 11 )

  • Parisa says:

    I was at the beach this morning and the most handsom man I had ever seen was headed past me. He was trying to get out of the water while I was going in. The water was extremely cold and so I kind of indicated this to him. I had no idea who he was until I saw a picture of him in a magazine. Holyyyy Molyyyy…it was the dream man who walked out of the ocean this morning. Yes, Kelly Slater is the most handsom man ever! He has a warm smile and comes across as a very nice person. His eyes are amazing too!

  • m campos says:

    whats up dude met u at cabarete, dominican republic, surfing with the quicksilver boat. u r great keep it up, great athelete, good person. have hot babes. im surfing and soso girls peace. kiteboarding is a new great experience u should try it. miguel aloha

  • Filipe Mendes says:

    ‘hi kelly fans! i met kelly slater in my country in Portugal he is really fanstastic with the fans! i asked him about the wave supertubos! he anwser me that the wave is really fun!, ) he signed my almerrick flyer board=) thanks kelly and his fans’

  • Garrett says:

    ‘Hey man, i used to hang out with many surfers during high school and sort of lost my way a bit. I feel heavily for big business and lost a lot of money too. I bought your book more because it seems so out of my character and seeing that everything was going badly thought i&#39, d try something different.

    Kelly, you have literally put my life back on track. Whether you realise it or not because but some of the methods of how you approach life is A-MAZING! It comes so natural to you. You have spoken to me in a language which relates to me. I&#39, ve read all those “motivational” pros.. Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey etc…but you have really put me back on the map.

    Best book ever, there&#39, s so many quotes and messages which gave me an awesome insight – like “Winning at all Costs” loved the way to put that into Blackjack terminology.

    Anyways, thanks man I can&#39, t say how much this has changed me.’

  • Tony Graham (TG) says:

    Watched him grow up at Apollo Bldg, CB. Tremendous talent in ESA & the rest is history. Love the mention in Pipe Dreams. My favorite athlete!

  • cory the same as water says:

    I was totally in the water the first swell in sep.,mr..s was close to s.b.@rockys and we were all like whos that bad mfr shredding it apart.im never like that dude is awesome,but that day i actually got out of the water to admire this guys skill-i went to s.b. to shower and showered next to the kine!my gf checked him out and that made me mad,but whateves!if i was her id left me for him im just a soul surfa!

  • esoteric waterman says:

    ‘hey K – just read through your book. conspicacy theorist bradda. me too very inquisitive. suspect of media, jfk murder, iraq oil war, 9/11, cfr, etc etc. long term surfer, skier, windsurfer, crew oarsman, waterskier, mtn biker, 5 time marathoner (untrained once), inventor, financial advisor. I have one daughter who&#39, s 11. married last year and the 3 of us are very happy. anyway wanted to share a thought with you about God. seems you are close to the truth…in your book you said somthing like if God was next to you you would believe until then you can&#39, t say who&#39, s right or wrong (Creation vs evolution) you have a pretty big impact on people. my objective being to save as many souls as possible. anyway read Gal 5:16-26. sex is for making babies only. the forbidden fruit. dont do what adam and eve did. if u need help ask God. try it for a month. later – peace – go big’

  • Drew says:

    Kelly you are amazing, one of my idols. I surf Bondi often. You and Mick are my favorite surfers. Gl mate, you are an inspiration.

  • Sam Carroll says:

    hey kelly, you might not remember me, i was at the bos surf sho at bondi.I was the 12 year old blonde one who kept harrasing u too look at me at for an autograph haha. But ive been going through tought things at home, my parents split up and its been a hassel. but on the weekends i go out every day for 8 hours or more and i go before school and after school surfing. and i know you parents split up when u were a kid so im just saying hi and wishing you luck :)

  • LiLLy says:

    Hey Kelly are you coming down to Florida anytime soon? It would be so great to see you (and maybe get your autograph)

  • chris says:

    ‘I have an old video of you surfing and then telling some guy that the priciple of you school lets you skip now and then because of how ell you’ve represented your community – I agree
    Mankind – I also agree.

    Never stop till you drop

    chris kyricos’

  • Jocelyn says:

    hi! i love you alot! you are my idol & i have posters of you all over my room… LIVE LOVE SURF <3

  • chiara says:

    ‘so do i he is just perfict
    You are such a cool surfer, and I imagine your life would be full of so much fun and adventure!!’

  • Micayla says:

    OMG you are the best surfer I have ever seen I so want to become a pro surfer like you my best friend was in ESA. Well you rock

  • Peri in Palm Bch FL says:

    Sooo stoked for you & the Big 10. My how you have grown up!

  • petey pete pete says:

    ‘do it again kelly… keep going so no one ever gets close. Your the best. Stay humble and thankyou for constantly redefining the meaning of “world champion”‘

  • Gabby says:

    ‘hey kelly! ever since i was little, ive looked up to you and tried to mimic your surfing. i first learned to surf by mary osborne, who taught me when i was 5. she is the local “surf hero” like matt kechele was to you. i really enjoyed your book…once i started i couldnt put it down. my dream is to be a professional surfer, but its hard cuz where i live, the ocean is miles and miles away. i cant wait for the asp world tour to come to longbeach for the quicksilver pro! it’ll be my first time at a pro surf event!!!!’

  • Nathan Cook says:

    ‘Hi Kelly,

    I hope you are well.
    I admire you a lot as a fantastic person as well as being a fantastic surfer. You are the greatest surfer of all time!
    I admire yourgeat athletic ability, your dedication to surfing and your dedication to charity work.
    You inspire me and you are a great role model.
    I support you.
    I’m a tennis player butI try to learn from you how to be a better athlete and competitor.
    Wishing you a very Happy Easter and continued success.

    Best wishes

  • Australian says:

    ‘g-day Kelly aussies rull thats all
    later slater’

  • Erin says:

    Kelly slater it will be nice if he could teach me how to surf i think its good for the soul and one you can teach your kids how too i really want to be a surfbabe

  • Flavia says:

    ‘Kelly slater Hi, I’m 16 live in Brazil and my greatest dream is to ride just like you. I would like some advice for surfing as well as you. I would be very honoring to call me if you give me advice. My number is:—. I know you’re pretty busy, but you are my idol! I would one day be able to surf with you when you come here in Brazil! call me! Please!
    Kisses and hugs!
    by flavia!’

  • Rowena - NZ says:

    ‘Kia Ora Mr. Slater,
    I’m from New Zealand, Maaori young woman, enthusiastic about living and making the most of life… your biography is an inspiration to many surfers out there, especially the new generation that are about to set an example for the next generation to follow… However I respect your admiration to exceed well in this sport with knowing the dangers and costs that are expected!
    I have never been interested in surfing, but when unforseen circumstances arose, i thought to go beyond limitations and experience a bigger diversity in life… i love watching surfing and however am connected to nature… the sea is my best resort!!! Loving it… Keeping it real xx’

  • Hiroyuki says:

    In the past week, two surfing dgeenls have been immortalized in an emotional roller-coaster of emotional intensity that will have us whirling for the rest of the year: The rise of Kelly slater to a perfect 10 World Championships, and the loss of Andy Irons to the unexpected hands of fate. Kelly has achieved his greatness by utterly dominating the competitive world of surfing. Andy achieved his through his ability to do major maneuvers in the heaviest places on the heaviest waves. They pushed each other to the heights of stardom, and I think God/Nature has cemented their uniquely complementary personalities in our hearts, in indelible ways, this week. The rainbow that shined down on from the heavens at the start of the Kelly/ Bede final gave me the teary-eyed feeling that Andy was showing his admiration for Kelly from the Heavens. Believe what you will, I will never forget this week, and I will live out my life admiring these two kings of surfing. The King has passed on—long live the King.

  • richo says:

    hey wats up name jordan doin aye assignment on kelly and findin out some cool facts i didnt no like he was in a band and stuff.

    i was just wonderin cause i need 2 no who is kelly slater currently datin?

    cheers richo

  • leandro silva says:

    ‘Kelly, I had the satisfaction to see you surf in the bar of tijuca Rio De Janeiro Brazil, wct 97 Kelly versus Ross Willians, that pipe was that one! in the sequensia floater giant, the people had been madness, I witnessed everything and until I painted a picture of that magical pipe (very realistic, the photo this with meador kassia), Kelly you he is carra, she does not have Ronaldo phenomenon, she does not have Ronaldinho gaucho, you keeps a emprecionante hegemony, with 36 10 years to be top, very difficult, you is athlete example, if she compares (Ayrton Senna great Brazilian pilot) she did not leave the fame to go up the ego, that always illuminates you to god to brother, I sent for meador Kassia the photos of its painting

  • benny says:

    thank you so much man, you are the most special surfer i have ever met. Keep ripping, you can win forever if you want.
    you have reignited my old passion for surfing and now i cant get enough of the water. i surfed 5 times yesterday after nearly dying in my car, and i thank you for being such a strong surfer.
    bless you man :)

  • geoff palmer says:


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