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If you want to wakeboard you need a wakeboard boat. Actually any boat will do, but when you get better you will want to use the wake that the boat makes and wakeboard boats are designed to make the wake bigger and better.


Wakeboard boats are used by the wakeboarders for creating wakes. Wakeboard boats generally have a device that creates larger wakes that ordinary boars. Why do you need a wake? Its WAKEboarding :) – for doing aerial tricks while jumping side to side. Wakeboard boats come in different types.

Particular wakeboard boats are vDrive boats – they have engine at the back at the end of the boat and are inboard boats. Some boats for wakeboarding are direct drive boats, and the engine is placed in the middle of the boat.

Wakeboard boats are equipped with some sort of technology for creating larger wakes. The technology used in these wakeboard boats for creating wakes is Ballast, Wedge or Hull technology.

Ballast Technology

Ballast technology comes with most of all the new wakeboarding boats as a standard technology. Normally the ballast tanks are placed inside the hull of the boat and that can be filled or emptied by switches at the driver’s area. The ballast pushes the boat down (it makes it heavier) which in turn results in the larger wake when the boat makes the move.

Wedge Technology

In the Wedge technology, a metal structure is fixed near the propeller for shaping the wakes, and helping driver for fine tuning the wake for the wakeboard rider. This wakeboard technology has been patented by the Malibu boats.

Hull Technology

Hull technology was researched and developed by the manufacturers and was used in their boats for creating the best possible stock wave. Many riders use this together with the ballast and increase the weight further and for getting even bigger wakes. This is not only specifically for the wakeboard boats; it’s also used in the water sports such as wake surfing.

Performing simple or difficult tricks on a wakeboard depends on the actual capacity of the wakeboarder so do not lay all your eggs in the wakeboard boats basket. But when you gett better a good boat will give you much more fun. People just develop affection and love for wakeboarding and power boats and want to buy them. So here is a little check list to do before you go and by o boat:

Purpose Of The Wakeboard Boats

Firstly decide the purpose of the boat, whether it is for the tournament wakeboarding or only for recreational wakeboarding. These factors help in deciding the engine type like inboard, inboard/outboard, outboard.

Next factor is  location. Where will you be wakeboarding? Bigger boats are required in more wide open and larger bodies of water, the larger boats are good to handle rough water as they are equipped with inboard/outboard engines or with vDrives. If the water body is small like smaller lakes that normally have even water, the direct drive boats are best. V drives are usually preferred by the serious wakeboard riders and Direct drives are preferred by the serious slalom skiers.

Used Wakeboard Boat

Buying a boat. Just the sound of it… well, it sounds expensive. But it doesn’t have to be. There are many reasonably priced wakeboard boats on the market and if you are still short on cash and can not afford the price, go for a used boat. If you do make sure you go fo a test drive and keep attention to the following:

  • Vibrations, they could be mainly due to bent propeller, but also other resons. Not good.
  • Functioning trim,
  • Response,
  • Planing,
  • Shifting gears (if you have them),
  • Reverse,
  • Gauges and instruments, and
  • bilge.

If you follow all this you shouldn’t end up with a piece of crap at the bottom of the sea :). Now there is nothing more to say than – Enjoy using your new wakeboard boat.


  • Elliot says:

    I want to spend around 6 grand on a used wakeboard boat. Any suggestions on size, brand, inboard/vdrive motors, wakeboarding towers,anything else. I am new to the sport and want to get a beginning boat.

  • James123 says:

    Sorry, but that’s probably not gonna happen. I’ve been praying to get a new wake boat for years now, and you’re not gonna find much under 17k, and even that’s rare.

  • Scott says:

    i brought a 14ft swiftcraft ski boat with a 2000 model 115hp outboard for $3000, has a 6ft skipole mounted in the centre of the boat and a big cavitation plate on the motor,,,seems to do the job for a learner

  • Steve says:

    Yamaha AR 230 with wakeboard tower is an affortiable option if you can’t get the more expensive boats. I have one and it works great. The boat pulls me out just fine but the wake size is not as big as the wake boats. Hope this helps! I won’t be on this blog often to answer back, Have Fun;D

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