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H-Bomb Wetsuit
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H-Bomb WetsuitRip Curl released its new wetsuit called H-Bomb. H-Bomb is the first heated wetsuit on the market. I guess it was just a matter of time after all the gadget integration we have seen in the last years. So what’s the deal, you turn up the heat, set the mode to well done and leave a note: “Gone to Iceland….surfing!” ? Not so fast, Rip Curl will launch this wetsuit in the northern hemisphere next year and in Australian market in 2008. If you are interested how the damn thing works, read on.

H-Bomb = Rip Curl + Jett Performance Products

Michael Ray, who is Rip Curl global wetsuit manager said several patents had been taken out for heated wetsuits so far, but guess all of them were to expensive or to complicated to make. “It’s like a car that runs on solar power — it’s not a novel concept — but the execution of it is the trick,” he said.

Rip Curl joined forces with another company that works in the field of heating technology and makes battery powered heating panels. Its founder Rob Vassallo initially created a heated vest in 2003. The objective was to make the jockeys wearing it to sweat profusely and loose weight. Then the bikers found him and out came a heated jacket and vests with two infra red heating panels in the back. No more cold kidneys and no plugging you jacket into the motorcycle. Then came the football players etc… OK, and then came Rip Curl. There is still a lot of testing to be made before the H-Bomb wetsuit appears on the market. “When it goes out we want to make sure that there’s no issues or faults,” he said. “Surfers put their wetsuits through a hell of a lot of abuse.

How the battery heated wetsuit works?

H-Bomb keeps you warm by positioning a source of heat on your upper back. This heats your core and lets warm blood circulate to your extremities. The heat is generated by two coated fiber elements. The elements conduct electricity that generate heat. The elements are made of fiber ­ so there is no metal involved ­ which means there is no electromagnetic field generated and no metal to corrode when it is exposed to water.

H-Bomb has two temperature settings:

  • Low: 50 – ­55C (120 – ­130F)
  • High: 60 – ­65C (140 – ­150F).

A thin layer of neoprene lies between the elements and your back to spread the heat evenly and protect your skin. It’s an infra red heat with a therapeutic quality usually used to relieve muscle soreness and tension. The first test pilot was 2005 World Championship Tour number 7 Nathan Hedge, who commented “It’s one out of the box, it feels sooo good! You keep really warm, even on the low setting and it just keeps you feeling warm all over throughout. I didn’t want to give it back after the R&D session”.

For a really demanding test, Rip Curl drove all the way to the Arctic circle to do some surfing between the icebergs.  One of the test pilots – Adam Wickwire had this to say about the new battery powered wet: “The H-bomb even helps combat the flush. When you get flushed it actually helps because the water circulates around the wetsuit and helps distribute the heat.


The heating in the H-Bomb is powered by two Polymer Lithium Ion 7.2v batteries. These are the same type of batteries found in your mobile phone or iPod. There is no danger of radiation, electric shock or explosion from these batteries by ­even if it is called the Bomb! The batteries weigh 0.12kg each and are positioned on your lower back where they are cushioned against your body by a layer of neoprene so you can’t feel them. By the time the wetsuit launches they will be even smaller. Batteries have enough juice to keep you warm for two hours on the high setting and can even be recharged by your car’s cigarette lighter.

Heating bill

Mr Ray said he believed heated wetsuits would eventually become a standard item for surfers. The wetsuits will likely retail at between $1000 and $1200 when they arrive on the market. Not exactly a standard price but H-Bomb is not exactly a standard wetsuit.

Source: Rip Curl releases H-Bomb by Rip Curl


  • jake says:

    Great! Less crowds in the water as people will be busy filling juice up their wetsuits :D :D to bad crowds are in the summer. Maybe a cooling C-Bomb 5/3 wetsuit for the summer…with beer pocket so you always have a cold one.
    Wouldn’t mind having one though ;)

  • w says:

    1200$ :- thats more than 3 times over the next model

  • bags says:

    Wow, that would mean like surfing in 3/2 wetsuit in the winter, it looks realy flexible to

  • test says:

    Wow, I would realy like to test it! Betteries are the main issue here I guess, if they last (and dont explode ;D ) this wetsuit will kick ass!

  • Jizzface says:

    More kooks in the water. Awesome. :-

  • bags says:

    More computer nerds I would say :D

  • Jacob says:

    I think Rip Curl needs to get a grip on the quality of construction in their current suits before they release something so pricey. the welded seems on the inside of my F Bomb cracked after just a few sessions. Not acceptable.

  • ecoaster says:

    One of the Rip Curls top dogs said that top of the line wetsuits aren’t made to last more than one season :-\
    Cheaper wetties are tougher and more durable. I have no complaints about Rip Curl so far, they replaced any wetsuit we sent them without a question.

  • admin says:

    A little update. Batteries will last for about 2 hours on high setting and you will be able to recharge with your car’s cigarette lighter.

  • BON says:

    i think you need to tell ppl more bout the history and the making of them!! :P

  • BON says:

    and yes i am talkin bout the wetsiut i need to know history and making of them so please tell me i am a 16 yo girl a want to know more please ;D ;D ;D

  • bags says:

    don’t do drugs.. more? :P

  • ... says:

    im sure if you wash your suit with fresh water when your done it will last you… you guys just dont care :'(

  • charlie Banks says:

    what happens if u are in the water and the batteries run out can it still be used as a normal wetsuit

  • Batman says:

    H-Bomb…exploding my bank account. Instead of splitin atoms, split up that cost somewhere else.

  • Chris says:

    :'( my H bomb broke after 2 sessions not a good wetsuit at all dont get it. I was stupid to get it but it was half price since my dads friend works for ripcurl : )

  • bags says:

    @Chris: what do you mean broke? Like the heating stopped working? Of did the wetsuit itself fall apart :)… I suppose Rip Curl should have some kind of warranty on the heating system and the batteries.

  • bags says:

    @Charlie: you can use it as a normal wetsuit, it’s just that if it’s so cold that you need the batteries to keep you warm, once they run out you will only be left in a 3/2 wetsuit in some really cold water.

  • nick says:

    :i know someone that bought one and it broke the first day.. the batteries just stopped working and wouldnt charge and the wetsuit itslef was gay as shit.. my brother has a rip curl 4/3 and it doesnt keep him warm

  • .. says:

    It will hit the shelves around January. There are only about 200 in existence in the entire world. Whoever says that their H-Bomb or their friends’ H-Bomb broke is full of sh*t

  • Jackass says:

    You apparently live in the forgotten land of the gulf or east coast-The Hbomb has been out for about a month.Jackass.If someone paddled out with a 1200 dollar H Bomb in Oxnard theyd get theyre tires slashed.Fkn kooks.

  • Tom Bennett says:

    We’ve tried 2 vests to date; both had faulty heating elements that overheated, rendering the panel useless. One overheated and died after 3 weeks of careful use, and the other actually burned a hole through the fabric. Junk, junk, junk. Very disappointing and a royal waste of money.

  • Brad says:

    Did you know you could turn your existing well fitting well made happy wetsuit into a heated ” H-bomb ” type for a mere $60.65 shipped anywhere in the continental USA. I couldnt afford the Hbomb but wanted it…but didnt really want to wear the stigma of even owning such a flamboyant show of personal wealth…so I ordered a product that was invisable to others except for the fact that I went 85% of this winter in my spring suit and was so impressed that I invested in the company … $60.65 shipped anywhere in the continental USA you to can have a heated wetsuit…and no-one has to know unless you tell them.

  • jimbob says:

    heating is rubish on it and i went out and bought a hotsuit they are far better!!!!!!

  • ragged says:

    Considering their e bomb suits only last 3 months of constant everyday use,its way overpriced,you would need your old suit as backup when warranty comes a calling…CRAP

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