Wetsuits for Babies & Infants

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Wetsuit for kids from Roxy

Many people wonder why anyone would ever buy a wetsuit for a baby. It’s not like they are going to be deep sea diving or anything like that. Infant and baby wetsuits are primarily used to help keep small children warm while they are swimming and playing in water. Children’s bodies lose heat much more rapidly than adults do, and since they are so small they often can’t tell their parents that they are getting too cold. In many cases kids can get dangerously cold without even realizing it themselves. You know: “Mooom, just five more minutes!” while lips are turning blue :).

Baby wetsuits also provide excellent protection from the sun’s dangerous UV rays which could give them sunburn. Sunscreen can come off or be applied too thinly for proper protection, but when their delicate skin is protected with a wetsuit you can be sure it is safe. The wetsuit can also protect them from bumps and scratches while they are jumping around on the beach.

So to sum it up:

  • warmth,
  • sun protection,
  • protection from bumps and scratches.

Since you don’t have to worry about factors like flexibility and mobility with for instance a two year old you can choose virtually any option which is designed specifically for young children. There are many cute colors and patterns available which both kids and will love.

When do things like fit and flexibility start to matter? Up to which age are childrens wetsuits just for insulation and protection from the sun? Performance of the suit starts to matter when they are not used just for playing but for participating in sports. This can be of course different from one kid to another.

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