Wingsuit B.A.S.E.

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On the list of the most extreme things a person can do on planet Earth (we guess you can do some pretty crazy shit on Mars, so we are not counting that) wingsuit flying a few feet over rocky mountains and not getting smashed like a bug on a windshields is right up there. What is a wingsuit? It’s something you wear if you want to resemble Mr. Batman or it is someting that can make your freefalling feel more like flying. Wingsuit gives you wings between your legs and between your arms and body. By using these wings you can actually kind of fly. And you are looking pretty smart… like this:


Wingsuit BASE Jumping

This is really one of the craziest thing we have ever seen. Not the wingsuit flying itself, but doing it just a few feet above the ground… On the list of things to do before you die, put this one last, since it might really be the last thing you do before you die. Pure rush!


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