#68-70: How to Loose Your Car Keys on a RollerCoaster 250miles From Home?

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“Crap! Are they really gone?!? They were in the pocket when I sat down and strapped myself onto the Katum inverted roller coaster. And now the pocket is empty. It’s really empty. Aaaaaaa…shit.!”

It all began with a 6h drive to Italy (that what happens when you drive with a smoker…:)) ) and with two sick sessions at Diga and Lamone. After spending a good part of the last 6 hours trying to prepare Zala for a possible shitty stinky surf session we couldn’t believe our eyes. The water was green instead of the usual stinky sewer brown. There were ocean like lines next to the pier, it was glassy and there were green walls asking to be surfed by a shortboard instead of the usual longboard. Is this for real? Can this spot get this good? I guess it can:) this was no time for spot quality contemplation, in 5 minutes we were in the water.

The second session that Saturday was on a recently resurrected left next to the Lamone river. The sand was all wrong for the last half of the year but it seems it’s back in place and the brown left is back in business. Boardshorts, no wind, glassy surf, warm sunny weather. Tired and content it was time for some evening adrenaline. Which came in an extra unplanned form haha. I convinced my girl and Miha to go to the nearby theme park Mirabilandia. There are at least two roller coasters that you need to try – iSpeed and Katum. And there is at least one thing that you should not have in your boardshorts pocket – your car keys. Little fuckers flew out of my pocket somewhere 50ft above ground during a double spiral loop and they were gone. Really gone!

Oh, you’ve lost your car keys? Yes, we can look for them, Which roller coaster? Uh…Katum??? Then they are gone…

Thanks for the info mrs. customer service:). Now what? We had 20€ and 20% battery on the only phone we had with us. Everything else was locked in a car, warm clothes, sleeping bag, phones, documents, money…everything. The second adrenaline rush kicked in, shit, now what!?

We ended up sleeping in the parking lot with one blanket that a kind Italian family lent us waiting for the insurance company courier to bring us my backup car keys from back home. I had no idea this shit is covered and I would like to thank myself for getting this insurance just this year. It already payed for itself tenfold. The night was fucking freezing. We got the keys in the morning, surfed another session at Diga (pretty shitty) and another session at Lamone (pretty epic) and went home. Trips like these make you feel like you were away for a week, not just a weekend:), thanks for keeping the spirits up.

I could have slept for a day after that.

Diga, Lamone 6.-7.8.2016

Wednesday was time for another Cortelazzo hit in the afternoon. As usual it was flat when we arrived, this always happens here?! So we were all cranky and nervous. And then the waves picked up nicely and fiasco turned into a fun fatso surfboard session…again, surprisingly – completely glassy. Score!

Cortelazzo 10.8.2016

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