#8-17: Surfing in Morocco

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For the second year in the row the first week of February was reserved for winter escaping surfing in Morocco trip. If last year conditions were really epic, this year it was a bit more sketchy to get good waves and we even have to make a few sessions on beachbreaks which is not why one would come in to the land on right point breaks :). But still, it was really really good.

So here are a few tips for surfing in Morocco:

Why Everybody That Goes Surfing in Morocco Goes to Taghazout

Taghazout, a little town just north of Agadir is the surfing hub of Morocco. It is easy to see why. You have like 6 sick surf spots within walking distance from the town including the epic Anchor point. If you rent a car you have even bigger choice with even more spots either north or south from the town. The downside is that this area is situated behind the Cap Rhir peninsula and therefore need quite a bit of swell for the spots to work. On the other hand Cap Rhir and the mountains around it partially protect the spots from nasty northern wind or even make it offshore. So where to go?

  • If it’s small and/or flat in Taghazout go north to Boilers or Tamri (only if there is no wind)
  • If it’s small and/or flat in Taghazout go south, the further south you go the more you move out of the Cap Rhir shadow and the bigger the waves should be. This can mean a short trip to Banana point or spots 11 and 12 or a long one or few day trip down south to Mirleft/Sidi Ifni. South has no crowds(!) but does not have many spots that handle size as it is mostly sand.
  • If you have strong northern wind the further north towards Cap Rhir you go the more protected it will be.
  • If the swell is huge waves will be smaller if you go north towards Cap Rhir or if it is still too big go surf the bay at Imsouane, it’s one of the longest waves out there. The view of the bay from the top of the cliff with lines wrapping around the point into the bay is worth the trip alone.
  • If the swell is right go surf Anchor:) if it works it’s always packed though. It works best at low tide so this is when everybody comes here. If the swell is big Anchor will work on all tides but crowds on high will be considerably smaller.

31.1.-11.2.2018 Morocco

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