Havassy Surf Art Sandals

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Robb Havassy is an artist and a surfer from California thathelpes design one of the Reef Brazil sandals. It looks like he liked itso much he decided to start his line of sandals. And like every honest bussinesman he decided to name the new sandals line by his own name – Havassy. So what is he up to?

Havassy Surf Art Sandals

Why did you start your own ‘Havassy’ line of eco-friendly sandals?

“I wanted to take a great idea and make it even better!”

What is the difference between the sandals you did for Reef and the Havassy line?

“The concept and design of my footwear is creatively similar to the sandals I did with Reef, updated with eco-friendly bio-foam, with improvement in the design.”

So far he has worked for a whole bunch of surfwear companies including Op, Sector Nine, O’neill, Hurley, Robert August Surfboards, Surftech, Globe, Freestyle Watches, Howe Jeans and Reef Brazil. He also helped raise over $100,000 in support of the Surfrider Foundation, Heal the Bay, Surf Aid International (and others…).

Where can you get Havassy Surf Art Sandals?

From this June you can get them through Havassy’s Web site , later you will also be able to get them in some of the more “art savvy”surf stores worldwide. And the models he started the line with? “Pipe”, “Hang 10”, “Glass Off” and “Sunset Surfers”.

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