Channel Islands Makes A Color Changing Surfboard

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A black surfboard? Not a very good idea unless you only surf in cold cold winter moths. In summer, the sun will make your stick so hot you will be able to fry an egg on your deck. Not to mention that all your wax will run off in a sec and you will be sliding up and down on your burned feet while the foam core of your board melts away. OK it’s not quite that bad but still, a dark surfboard was not a very good idea. So far.

Channel Islands came up with a heat sensitive surfboard that changes color. Dark when cool, white when hot. A heat sensitive, color changing surfboard. The new chameleon stick automatically sense temperatures and changes its color accordingly. From black to white and back – once the board cools off, it turns back to its original color. They even got Kelly Slater to present the surfboard. It looks something like this.

Step ONE - the board is cool and black
Step ONE: Kelly Slater just brought the board from the freezer to hot sun. The surfboard is black.Step TWO - its hot outside so the board turns white
Step TWO: The hot sun warms up the board and it turns white.Step THREE - but Kellys arm kept it cool and here is the result
Step THREE: But Mr. Slater is sooo cool that the board under his arm stayed cold and black.


Now there is nothing holding back your dark desires….Aaarrrrggghhhh. Other available colors include Grey, Blue and wow so cool – Glow in the dark. I am still looking for a price tag for this puppy.

PS: For loads of surfboard designs including the surprisingly more and more popular black – check this design collection.


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